Job Opportunities

At Ben & Jerry’s we make the best possible ice cream in the nicest way possible, but it’s our three-part mission that really drives our business. If bringing your values to work with you everyday sounds euphoric, this may be the place for you!

Ben & Jerry’s offers a progressive benefits package that includes the usual stuff plus paid family leave, health club memberships and three free pints of Vermont’s Finest super premium ice cream and frozen yogurt every day!

How Do I Apply?

Unilever (our parent company) will be processing all job applicants for Ben & Jerry’s jobs. You can click on one of the listings under Current Openings, or Click here to get started, select your country and click on the Careers section to access. It’s that simple! We thank you for your interest in our company. 

Living in Burlington

Why would a couple of guys from Long Island decide to come to Burlington, Vermont to start an ice cream company?

Were they dazzled by the natural beauty of this New England state? Green Mountains to the east, Lake Champlain to the west, a patchwork of northern forest, working farms and orchards, and the sunsets are to die for. And of course, there’s the world famous foliage in the fall.

Perhaps it was the dynamic arts and music scene that spawned Phish (ha!) and includes cultural celebrations like the Discover Jazz Festival, the UVM and St. Mike’s theater series, and the South End Art Hop.

Maybe they thought skiing, snowboarding, boating, hiking, biking, camping and running the Vermont City Marathon would give them the chance to work off some of the ice cream.

Then again, maybe they thought all of these things plus tight-knit communities and great school systems made the area a great place to raise a family.

Who knows what it was that made these guys decide Burlington was home, but 35 years later they’re still here, and we agree they made the right choice!