Free Cone Day

Free Cone Day 2023 is over! We've cleaned our scoops and swept up all the cone crumbs, and now we're busy planning next year's festivities. Stay spooned for more info!

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Do yourself a favor and add Free Cone Day to your calendar so you won’t forget! It’s hard enough to remember what you’re doing tomorrow. Now you can focus on which flavor to choose.

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Where Do I Go for My Free Ice Cream?

Free Cone Day is being celebrated in Scoop Shops around the world, & we'll be giving away free ice cream at a host of locations between 12pm and 8pm! Don’t forget to tell your friends!

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Quiz: What flavor should I choose on Free Cone Day?

Chocolate Fudge Brownie or Half Baked? It can be hard to decide which funky, chunky flavor to choose. Save yourself the stress and let us help you find your perfect Free Cone Day flavor match.

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Why are you giving out FREE ice cream?

Ben & Jerry’s wouldn’t be the same without our awesome fans, and Free Cone Day is our way to say thanks! Monday April 3rd is the day to get your free scoops.

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