Our K9-5ers

At our dog-friendly offices, pups are part of the team! Dozens of our four-legged friends accompany their humans to work each day and remind us not to take ourselves too seriously (or skip play time).

Dogs on a zoom call

We love our dogs almost as much as we love fudge chunks and caramel swirls (okay, maybe the same amount). That’s why we’re proud to have dog-friendly offices where our doggos get a treat from the reception desk every morning, enjoy plenty of belly rubs and walks during the day, and even inspire new flavor creations, like Doggie Desserts frozen dog treats!

All Paws On Deck!

We love that our Ben & Jerry’s teammates feel comfortable bringing their whole selves to work, including their furriest pals. After all, making ice cream is pretty darned fun, and we’re better at it when we’re relaxed and surrounded by joy (and the occasional woof or bark). Dogs are so much a part of our culture that we even developed a line of frozen desserts specifically for dogs, so that our puppers can have the same joy that we experience when we dig into a pint of Half Baked. The best part? We named each Doggie Dessert flavor after a doggie on the Ben & Jerry’s team! Pontch’s Mix and Rosie’s Batch are our way of thanking our office doggos for all they do for us — like making sure we never miss our afternoon walk.