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Frequently Asked Questions

  • We have multiple options for finding your favorite flavors in-store or online. Results shown include the stores that have carried the flavor in the last few weeks, but that doesn’t always mean it is currently in stock. To confirm current inventory, we recommend contacting or calling the store in advance. Check out your choices here.

  • Unfortunately, we don't have a formal coupon program, but we do publish them in newspapers from time to time- so keep your eyes peeled! For potential sampling opportunities please follow Ben & Jerry's on social media for notification of marketing activities. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

  • If you're interested in selling Ben & Jerry's products, please pop your zip code in here to find the distributor closest to you. They will be happy to help!

  • Pregnant women craving ice cream can still have their Ben & Jerry's! All of the milk, cream, as well as the eggs used in our products are pasteurized during the production process. Also, add-ins such as raw cookie dough or brownie batter found in our product are made with pasteurized eggs.

    Expecting mothers are also often concerned with alcohol or caffeine content of some of our flavors. Rest assured the trace amount of liqueur or caffeine used in our flavorings is perfectly safe for you to consume.

  • All our scoop shops are independently-owned franchisees so it all starts with someone in a particular area wanting to open up a shop. Maybe it’s time to start asking your friends and family who would like to own a shop. If you’d like more info, check out our page on opening a franchise.

  • Ben & Jerry's has a very proactive approach to addressing the concerns of persons with food sensitivities. We work closely with all of our ingredient suppliers to verify all ingredient components, including those in natural flavors, colors and spices that might be a concern to persons who, either for medical reasons or as a matter of personal preference, wish to avoid certain foods. We insure that this information is then included on the ingredient label of our product.

    Our policies and procedures are such that if peanuts or tree nuts (almonds, cashews, chestnuts, walnuts, pistachios, pecans, hazelnuts/filberts, macadamias, Brazil nuts, pine nuts) as well as eggs, milk, fish, shellfish, wheat, soy, seeds, and lupin are not listed in the ingredient declaration or in an Allergy Information statement, then the product is safe to consume for persons with allergies to those ingredients.

    We have systems and policies in place to help protect our consumers from cross-contamination. While we process all flavors on shared equipment, Ben & Jerry's employs strict sanitation procedures and processes that ensure complete cleaning of all equipment. Also, while it is virtually impossible to make absolute guarantees, Ben & Jerry's is confident that not only are our products good to eat, they are also safe to eat. For specific information about our products, we ask that you continuously refer to the labels on our products as they are the most complete and most up-to-date source for specific food allergen information.

  • Almost all of our products are certified kosher. Occasionally there are exceptions. Please be certain to check all packaging for the Kof-K symbol to assure the kosher status of the Ben & Jerry's product you are purchasing.

    We are certified by KOF-K Kosher Supervision. Their website is

    Just a side note that our Scoop Shops are not certified Kosher because non-Kosher items are served within the same area.

  • Currently, we are not accepting donation requests. Historically, Ben & Jerry’s has welcomed requests from all organizations around the US. In 2021, we are recognizing opportunities to celebrate unheralded heroes across several communities which closely align with our social mission and values.

  • You can learn all about our certified gluten free flavors here.

  • We are proud to source our dairy from the St. Albans Coop, a farmer-owned cooperative located in Franklin County, Vermont. The Coop has been a long-term partner with Ben & Jerry’s, providing us the dairy we use to make our delicious product and whose farmers are dedicated to keeping Vermont part of the valuable working landscape. A group of these farmers voluntarily choose to participate in Ben & Jerry’s Sustainable Dairy program known as “Caring Dairy.” Caring Dairy identifies 11 indicators of sustainable dairy farming that include: Animal Husbandry, Soil Fertility and Health, Soil loss, Nutrients, Pest Management, Biodiversity, Farm Economics, Energy, Water, Social Human Capital and Impact on Local Economy. The program offers farmers a practical framework for understanding, evaluating, and continuously improving the sustainability of their dairy operations based on economic, social and environmental criteria. We believe that a farm that operates in a balance of “Happy Planet, Happy Farmer, Happy Cow” provides a scenario that benefits all aspects of dairy farming. Learn more about Caring Dairy!

    Well-cared-for dairy cows are a key ingredient to good ice-cream and sustainable dairy farms, a point well appreciated by dairy producers. High quality animal welfare continually takes place from birth to milking and finally until the time a cow leaves the farm. This includes rasing calves and heifers in a good environment, providing calm interactions between cows and employees and caring for animals so they can enjoy basic freedoms. Cows must have nutritious quality feed, clean abundant water, comfortable areas to rest, and appropriate health management. The dairy farmers in the St. Albans Cooperative work hard to ensure the comfort and health of their cows because they care about their animals, want to ensure milk quality and sustainable production.

    In 2011 Ben & Jerry’s initiated the Caring Dairy program with the St. Albans Cooperative. This innovative program provides farmers the opportunity to assess the “sustainability” of their farm operation, including animal husbandry. The Caring Dairy program allows farmers to assess their farm in terms of economic, social and environmental attributes, provides a score for the farm and then requires written improvement plans and participation in educational workshops. Animal Husbandry has consistently been a high scoring area as farmers care deeply about their animals and want to ensure milk quality and healthy animals.

    We also continue our opposition to the artificial growth hormone rBGH to boost milk production.

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