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Second Chances

1.4 million.

That's how many people in Florida are permanently barred from voting because they have a past felony conviction. It's time for this to change. We believe that when someone has completed their sentence, they have earned back their eligibility to vote.

Florida is one of only four states that tells all people with past convictions that they are barred from voting for life, even after completing their sentence.. Although current law allows these returned citizens to apply to have their civil rights reinstated, the process is so cumbersome and mismanaged that a federal judge recently declared it unconstitutional.

Florida voters haves taken matters into their own hands and put an amendment on the ballot this November that will restore eligibility to vote to returned citizens who have served their time and paid their debts. We know that Floridians believe in second chances. Now it's up to all of us to make sure that Florida law does too.

We've all made mistakes, and we’ve all benefited from a second chance. Stand with your neighbors, your friends, your family, and all 1.4 million returned citizens and vote YES on Amendment 4 this November!

The Power of Second Chances: Susanne's Story

Every one of us has benefited from a second chance. And right now, 1.4 million Floridians who have been barred for life from voting because of a former felony conviction want Florida law to believe in second chances too - hear the story from Susanne.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • People from all walks of life believe in forgiveness, redemption, restoration and, ultimately, Second Chances. We need to make sure that Florida law does, too.

  • A returned citizen is a person with a former felony conviction.

  • People who are allowed to earn back their eligibility to vote are less likely to commit crimes in the future. That means that this amendment would make communities safer.

  • No. Currently, Florida law permanently bars 1.4 million Floridians from voting for life, and less than 30% are Black.

  • We think that it's important that all individuals have the ability to earn back their eligibility to vote. That's why we support and work with the Second Chances Campaign and other organizations working to protect and restore voter rights - in Florida and beyond.

  • Amendment 4 specifically excludes people who have committed murder or a felony sexual offense.

  • Florida is one of only four states with a lifetime ban on voting. The Amendment brings the state in line with others nationwide, including Texas, Georgia and South Carolina.

  • By helping people become responsible citizens, we create safer communities. Studies show that people who earn the eligibility to vote are less likely to commit crimes in the future. Also, restoring the eligibility to vote for Floridians who have made past mistakes would result in positive economic impacts to Florida taxpayers.

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