Campaign Finance Reform

Join the growing movement of engaged citizens and responsible business leaders working together to get Citizens United overturned and get the dough out of politics!

Keep the Dough In Ice Cream, Take It Out of Democracy

At Ben & Jerry’s, we love dough so much, we invented Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream. But dough doesn’t mix so well with democracy. In fact, there’s so much big money flooding into our elections in the United States that the voice of regular folks is being drowned out.

Things started getting really bad in 2010, when the US Supreme Court ruled in its now-infamous Citizens United decision that corporations are allowed to spend unlimited money to influence election outcomes. That’s not democracy!

Take Action

We think it’s long past time to make our elected leaders more accountable to the people—not just to their big donors and allies. But it’s going to take a huge movement of citizens taking action to protect our elections from the flood of money from corporations, super PACs, and other deep pockets. The movement is building. You can get involved by visiting our friends at Free Speech for People.