The Billion-Dollar Movement for Fossil Fuel Divestment

February 12, 2015

Fossil Fuel Divestment movement

We’re all on board with the fact that climate change is real, and it’s already happening. Scientists agree that to prevent our environment from altering drastically, we need to stop average global temperatures from warming more than 2 degrees Celsius.

In order to avoid disastrous impacts to our planet, we need to make sure that 80% of current fossil fuel reserves remain in the ground. But as of 2014, governments were still investing billions in expanding access to fossil fuels, moving us ever closer towards a future of climate change with catastrophic consequences. How can we possibly fight against such a huge amount of money and heavy investment?

Simply put, we hit em’ where it hurts: their pocket books. The fossil fuel divestment movement calls on institutions around the world, from churches and non-profits to schools and universities, to sell off their holdings from fossil-fuel businesses.

And it’s not a small-stakes fight: by September 2014, over 800 global investors— representing over $50 billion in assets— had committed to divest holdings in fossil fuels and invest in clean alternatives. Even our own Ben & Jerry’s Foundation has committed to ensuring that none of its investments are in dirty fossil fuel stocks. is organizing a “Global Divestment Day” on February 13th and 14th, complete with actions around the world. The focus is on ramping up the intensity of the divestment movement, and putting pressure on the fossil fuels businesses that continue to trade profit for a safe and sustainable future. Now is the time to seize the momentum that was built at the People’s Climate March, and give the vision for a sustainable future even more political, social and economic clout. Click over to to get involved.