Over 300K Ben & Jerry's Fans Join the Global Climate Movement

December 1, 2015


This planet that we love has taken its share of licks in the ongoing climate fight. That’s why a year ago, Ben & Jerry’s partnered with the world’s leading online activist network, Avaaz, to help advance its mega, world-bettering petition for a 100% Clean World.

We asked for your help, and you responded in astounding numbers. 

Since last February, if you’ve signed the petition, you've helped add more than 300,000 names to the cause. And on November 29th, the President of the Marshall Islands, one of many regions already being affected by rising sea levels, delivered the petition to world leaders at the start of COP21, the historic Paris Climate Conference. The petition showed that millions of people around the world are voicing broad, unstoppable support for a renewable energy world.


With that, we’ve taken pivotal steps toward achieving the goals outlined in the Avaaz petition that call on national, local and international leaders to keep global temperature rise below the dangerous level of 2°C by phasing out carbon pollution to zero.

The Climb to a 300,000

To enact world change, the world must act together. Powered by 40 million members in 194 countries, Avaaz gives global citizens the ability to speak up. And recognizing the need to stop global warming before it’s too late, Ben & Jerry’s has been busy cranking the volume—rallying everyone we know to sign the Avaaz petition for 100% renewable energy by 2050.

Around the globe, the climb to over 300,000 signatures continued with a mountain of events; from concerts and festival circuits to free cone days and regular city stops in our smile-generating (and signature collecting) scoop truck.

It’s been a successful, fun drive. And with piles of signatures in tow, we’re ready to see what happens at COP21 in Paris. But you don’t need to stop signing here— the petition is now over 3.5 million strong, and the more names we add to this petition, the more power we add to it. Stay tuned for more opportunities to get involved and make your voice heard!