Winning on Climate Change: Vermontivate’s Community Sustainability Challenge

April 10, 2015

Ben & Jerry's supports Vermontivate!

Wrapping your mind around solving climate change can be a daunting task. Even focusing down to a state-by-state level, the impacts we’re feeling here in Vermont are sometimes driven by carbon pollution a world away. How do we engage in the complex work of making a noticeable difference without losing our collective marbles, not to mention our sense of humor?

The folks behind Vermontivate have a pretty good plan for that. Now in its fourth year, this community-based sustainability game tasks teams of players to take real world action on climate change. Built around the notion of “gamifying” the bigger problems in our world, Vermontivate tasks players with challenges ranging from upping energy efficiency, to looking at personal food and transportation choices. In the final “act,” players set long-term sustainability goals.

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While the format is engineered to foster creativity and collaboration, Vermontivate is actually a competition, and along the way players can score coupons for free Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and prizes from stores and businesses across Vermont. The winning team gets a trophy, bragging rights, and best of all, logistical and financial support for following through on those big time sustainability goals set out during the game.

Vermontivate is up and running now through May 2nd, and is open to all experience and age levels. Climate change newbie or seasoned activist, first grader or a retiree— every player will find a team that needs their talents and perspectives. Click over to the Vermontivate website to learn more and get started on your own community-based sustainability challenges.