LGBTQ+ Rights

Ben & Jerry’s has a long and proud history of supporting the LGBTQ+ community in the fight for justice. This commitment is grounded in our company’s core values, which include a deep respect for all people and an unshakable belief that everyone deserves full and equal civil rights.

We all celebrated in 2015 when the Supreme Court recognized marriage equality as a national right. It was a victory more than four decades in the making, a victory that not too long ago seemed anything but certain. We’ve always believed that when love wins, we all win.

While the marriage equality decision was groundbreaking, it wasn’t the end of the journey for LGBTQ+ equality. LGBTQ+ Americans still face increased discrimination in housing, education, health care, and beyond. In 2020, the Supreme Court ruled that LGBTQ+ employees are protected from discrimination, but the community—and trans people in particular—remains under threat. And the statistics around violence based on sexual orientation or gender identity are startling and sobering. So we’re not hanging up our rainbow-colored activist hats yet, and neither should you. There’s more work to be done to ensure safety and equality for everyone, regardless of who they are or whom they love.

Take Action

With record support for LGBTQ+ rights across the US, there’s never been a better time to push for full equality.

Support legislation to end discrimination, such as the Equality Act.

Support the Human Rights Campaign’s initiatives for equality.

Start conversations, sign petitions, and show your support.