How Ben & Jerry’s Does the Holidays

December 22, 2015

Do you remember the holiday presents you were most excited to give over the years? We do. They were our special holiday flavors that left the lucky eaters smiling, satisfied and asking for more. While we can’t fulfill the wish of bringing these desserts back in time for tonight’s dinner, we can help trigger some happy, flavor-related memories.


Sugar Plum (1986)

With plum ice cream and a caramel swirl, visions of this sweet treat danced in a lot of people’s heads.

sugar plum


Nutcracker Sweet (1986)

The ballet is known the world over, but for one holiday season, people thought of Ben & Jerry’s when they heard this name.

nutcracker sweet


Peppermint Schtick (1994, 1995)

Just when holiday lovers thought things couldn’t get any more pepperminty, we upped the ante with this triple-peppermint-delight.

peppermint schtick banner with peppermint sticks


Festivus (2000, 2001)

There we no airings of grievances when we brought this holiday favorite back for a second run in 2002.

festivus banner with xmas lights


Minter Wonderland (2004)

With a mint ice cream base, this holiday-exclusive helped your mouth feel fresher with every bite you took. It was the perfect way to move past Aunt Edna’s pot roast.

minter wonderland banner with xmas trees


Gingerbread Cookie (2004)

What are the holidays without some gingerbread cookies for everyone to eat? With the release of this flavor, we made sure all of your dessert bases were covered.

gingerbreadcookie banner with gingerbread man


Schweddy Balls (2011)

The grandpappy of all holiday flavors! We borrowed a page from Pete Schweddy’s family recipe for this SNL-inspired delight. The result? Everyone loved our Schweddy Balls.schweddy balls banner with malt balls