How We Build Core Sundaes

The release of Ben & Jerry’s newest Core pint flavors shook the ice cream world to its very core. It was like we opened up a secret portal to frozen treat heaven and rolled out the red carpet for everyone to come inside.

In fact, the Cores have been such a hit that people everywhere have demanded more. Now, not only can you get Cores in pints, you can also get them as a sundae at Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shops.

Next time you head to a Scoop Shop, ask your favorite scooper for a Core Sundae and let your smile grow wild as it’s built for you from scratch:

  1. A Picture of a ice cream scoop going into a bucket of ice cream

    Choose Your Flavor

    You can opt for one of our featured combos — Milk & Cookies with Chocolate Therapy and a hot fudge core, or Triple Caramel Chunk with Phish Food and a caramel core — or build your own. Just pick your two favorite flavors and decide on your core. Hot fudge or caramel? Tough call, but you’re right either way.

  2. A Picture of putting your ice cream on one side of the container

    Watch the Magic

    Armed with the necessary flavors, your scooper is ready to build your custom masterpiece. The first flavor goes in on one side...

  3. A Picture of putting another scoop of Ice Cream on the other side of the container

    Double Up

    Then the second one on the other.

  4. A picture of making a hole in the center of the ice cream

    Drill it...

    Make room for Corephoria...

  5. Picture of the core being pour right in the middle

    Fill it!

    Then the core right there in the middle.

  6. A Picture of Whip Cream being put on the top


    Everybody loves to play dress-up, and your Core Sundae is no different. Top yours with Whipped Cream...

  7. Adding some chocolate sprinkles

    Finishing touch

    And add your favorite topping.