4 Ways to Hide Your Pint From Your Hungry Roommate

April 18, 2023

The best thing about having a pint of Ben & Jerry’s is . . .  having a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. So what do you do when your roommate thinks that anything in the freezer is up for grabs (and scoops)? We have a few ideas:

  1. Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream buried in ice

    Ice, Ice Baby

    Bury your pint like a very cold treasure chest, then make a coded treasure map that only you can read.

  2. Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream with note saying Not Ice Cream

    Nothing to See Here

    Not ice cream. Not up for grabs. Not negotiable.

  3. Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream with a bag of peas

    Peas Stay Away

    Bury your pint in frozen veggies. Nobody ever suspects the veggies.

  4. Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream with a lock on it

    Locked Out

    Nothing works? Lock it up with the Ben & Jerry’s pint lock.