Greyston Bakery:
Building Better Lives Through Brownies

May 18, 2015

Greyston Bakery is a shining example of a Ben & Jerry’s partner making a big difference in its community. A pioneer in social enterprise, Greyston was founded in 1982 with the sole purpose of hiring employment-challenged people in Yonkers, New York, and investing 100% of its profits back into the community through its nonprofit foundation.

It’s an organization that has proven to be vital in uplifting Yonkers—a community where nearly one in six residents live below the poverty line, of which nearly one in four are not even 18 years old. These figures are even more pronounced in southwest Yonkers, where Greyston is located.

This business right here saved Yonkers. A lot of people have come here to change their life. They give ex-felons and ex-cons a chance to adapt back to society. If I didn’t come to Greyston, I’d probably be incarcerated for the rest of my life.

~ Charles Jones, Baker

Greyston’s business model is one that aligns with Ben & Jerry’s belief that product quality, profitability, and community support go hand in hand, and their brownies have been a part of our recipe since the late ‘80s. Help yourself to a pint of our Chocolate Fudge Brownie or Half-Baked™ ice cream and you’re not only satisfying your sweet tooth but the needs of a community, too.

As New York State's first certified B Corporation, Greyston services the community in many ways, from employment and education to community service, affordable housing and community gardens. The brand is a rare breed, yet it still has an eye on the bigger picture and doing good in all aspects of the business, including making serious headway in sustainability and energy efficiency.

Here's a quick snapshot of Greyston’s sweet success that illustrates just a fraction of the impact it’s having on the Yonkers community.


Ben & Jerry's Greyston Bakery Infographic

Bottom line, Greyston is proof that doing good business can do greater good. Reginald Jones, one of Greyston’s bakers, sums the organization up perfectly by saying “they’re on a mission that’s not just to bake good quality brownies, but serve this community, and give it the opportunity to grow.” Support this sweet success by picking up a pint of Chocolate Fudge Brownie or Half-Baked™ ice cream, and be on the lookout for Greyston’s deliciously crispy cookie thins available exclusively at Whole Foods.