5 Things We’re Excited for From Fare Thee Well

July 3, 2015

Pint of Cherry Garcia and a pint of Phish Food

Can you feel the Fare Thee Well electricity in the air? We can. People around the Ben & Jerry’s office have been playing the Santa Clara shows non-stop, talking about the great song selection, top notch production and all-around amazing vibe. Every conversation seems to weave in memories from the golden years and anticipation for the long weekend in Chicago.

Whether you’re in Chicago for the shows, on your way there or getting your house ready for a couch tour, grab yourself a pint of Cherry Garcia® and buckle up for a “long strange trip.” Here are 5 things we’re excited for:

1. Energy of the Opener

As the band comes out on stage, the months of waiting and anticipating will end, and that first song we release months, years or decades of excitement.

2. Couch Tour Experience

For the 70,000 people in stadium, the experience is tactile. Likely, there will be even more people watching the live webcast around the country, and the world. 20 years ago, this was not an option, but now you can get amazing video and sound right in your house. What better excuse do you need to throw a party?

3. Seeing our Friends

The community around these shows has always been a critical part of the experience, second only to the music. Once in the parking lot, or at a webcast party, we relish the opportunity to connect and celebrate with old friends and family.

4. When they Play the Song you’ve Been Hoping For

We all have 1 or 2 songs we’re hoping will get played. Some are likely a sure thing, others a real long shot. But that’s what keeps us anticipating the next song, right?

5. The final encore

We’re getting emotional thinking of it now. The final encore on Sunday night will be a climax of months —or a lifetime— waiting for these shows. We anticipate a lot of mixed feelings, from euphoria to loss, from elation to mourning. “Bound to cover just a little more ground”

We’re sure we’ve only just scratched the surface here. What are you most excited about? Comment below!