Find Your Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Opposite

April 15, 2015

They say that opposites attract. We don’t know who they are, but we need your help putting their theory to the test. Participating in our proposed experiment is pretty simple; all you have to do is read on, follow our flavor advice, and decide for yourself if your freezer has room for a new favorite. 

Won’t you help us out? Great! Let’s go!

Pints of Ben and Jerry's Vanilla and Everything but the...

If you like the smooth, creamy, unencumbered taste of our Fairtrade certified Vanilla, we think you’ll love how many different flavors, chunks and swirls we got to play together in Everything But The…®. 


Pints of Ben and Jerry's That's My Jam and Peanut Buttah

That’s My Jam ™ has a raspberry core that ties the whole flavor together. If you like its sweet center, we suggest you tell your tongue to try something a little saltier with Peanut Buttah Cookie Core


Pints of Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Boston Cream Pie

If you’re into Chocolate Fudge Brownie, we want you to take a trip to the other side of the dessert spectrum with some Boston Cream Pie. You’ll be giving up those fluffy brownie pieces, but the pastry cream swirls could make the spoon-sized sacrifice worth your while. 


Pints of Americone Dream and The Tonight Dough

Fans of Americone Dream™ should switch channels to The Tonight Dough™. It’s not just about going from fudge covered waffle cone pieces to two (yes, TWO!) different types of cookie dough. It’s about putting “truthiness” on hold for the sake of Celebrity Lip Sync.


Pints of Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia and Candy Bar Pie

We want Cherry Garcia® fans to start rocking out with the chocolate nougat and sweet and salty pretzel swirls of Candy Bar Pie*. It may not sound like summer tour in your microbus, but we’re pretty sure there will still be songs to fill the air.

*While Candy Bar Pie is no longer available in pints, you can still find this incredible limited batch flavor in Scoop Shops.


Pints of Ben and Jerry's Chubby Hubby and Chunky Monkey

Chubby Hubby® and Chunky Monkey®may not seem like opposites, but one look at their origin stories will change your mind. The former started as a prank between fans, and the latter was carefully concocted in our Flavor Labs. Totally different, and totally a reason to try the other.


Pints of Ben and Jerry's Cake Batter and Pistachio Pistachio

Take a break from spooning those last bites of Cake Batter so you can crack the delicious nut that is Pistachio Pistachio. The journey from sweet to salty might seem intimidating, but one bite will prove you’ve made the right decision. 

There you have it, a whole bunch of flavors and a whole bunch of opposites. Give them a try and let us know what you think on Twitter at @benandjerrys.