Flavor Guru Kirsten Schimoler: Explorer with a Serious Passion for Food

March 11, 2015


Kirsten Schimoler has been living the dream (developing new flavors at Ben & Jerry’s) since 2009. As Kirsten explains it, she’s technically a scientist but what she’s really into is “playing with food.”


“The thing about Flavor Gurus is that we’re all a little weird,” she says. “There’s a reason we call it Bizarre & D instead of R&D.” What Kirsten means is that Flavor Gurus have a different outlook on the world...and food. They can imagine totally unique combinations of flavors that others wouldn’t dream of trying. When it works, it’s pure magic.

Kirsten backs up her creativity in the kitchen with heavy doses of research. “Inspiration comes from everywhere,” Kirsten says. She travels the world on Flavor Guru Trend Treks. From dawn to the wee hours she’ll explore restaurants, bakeries, candy shops, and cocktail bars looking for her next great flavor idea.

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