8 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Half Baked

August 6, 2015

Ben & Jerry's Half Baked with brownies and ice cream

Half Baked is one of those classic Ben & Jerry’s flavors that if you haven't tried yet, you simply haven’t lived. And once you try it, chances are it’ll become one of your go-to favorites. With chocolate and vanilla ice creams, fudge brownies, and gobs of chocolate chip cookie dough, it has all the right treats in all the right places. But how much do you know about this crush-worthy flavor? Do you know why it’s called Half Baked? The answer may surprise you. Check out these 8 fun facts about what is soon to become your new favorite:


1. Chocolate Fudge Brownie + Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough = Half Baked

Half Baked was born of delicious parentage. Made up of two popular flavors swirled together, the result is a flavor that takes ice cream euphoria to a whole new level.

2. A 2Twisted! Alumnus

Every now and then we like to swirl two of our flavors together in the same pint and give it a new name. We call these 2Twisted! flavors. Half Baked is one of only two 2Twisted! flavors that have survived the test of time. The other? Everything But The… which is a combination of Peanut Butter Cup, New York Super Fudge Chunk, and Heath Bar Crunch (more of a 3Twisted!, but you get the idea).

3. Our #1 Flavor for the Past Two Years

We told you Half Baked was popular. So popular that it has been our #1 selling flavor in the US for the past two years, and hovered close to the top of the list for years before that. 

4. It’s Available in FroYo

Looking for a lighter version of your favorite flavor? Look for the green FroYo pint containers, and you’ll find your old friend Half Baked. With the same euphoric chunks and flavors, it’s a frosty treat that we say can even pass as a breakfast food, as long as Mom’s not looking.

5. There's a Peanut Butter Version

Last year we released a Limited Batch Peanut Butter Half Baked, with peanut butter ice cream in place of the vanilla ice cream and peanut butter cookie dough instead of chocolate chip cookie dough. For peanut butter lovers, it’s a swirl of ice cream euphoria not to be matched.

6. It Has its Own Commercial

Released in 2006, the 15-second claymation commercial for Half Baked features clay Ben and clay Jerry bantering, as they often do, about how to change the world for the better.


7. It’s an International Star

You didn’t think all Half Baked lovers were in the US, did you? Nah, we like to spread the love – and the cookie dough – and have brought Half Baked to 14 countries around the world, from Singapore to Sweden to Canada.

8. The Name is More Literal Than You Think

Half Baked got its name from the fact that the cookie dough in it is unbaked – hence 'dough' – but the fudge brownies are baked. It's literally half baked! Now you can confidently correct your friends who were convinced it was a reference to a certain movie of the same name.

What’s your favorite thing about Half Baked? Is it the fudge brownie chunks? The chocolate-chip cookie dough? Let us know in the comments below!