Happy 8th Anniversary, Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream!

February 13, 2015

Americone Dream Anniversary

As you know, one of our favorite shows—The Colbert Report—just ended its 9-year run last month. While we might be losing Colbert the character, we’ll be gaining an exciting new host for The Late Show in 2015! Either way, Colbert in pint-sized form is here to stay. That’s right: The Americone Dream will continue on…oh, let’s just say forever.

Colbert’s concoction, which was one of Ben & Jerry’s top ten flavors in 2014, is a bi-partisan blend of vanilla ice cream with fudge covered waffle cone pieces and a caramel swirl. Fortified with 1776% of your recommended daily allowance of freedom—Americone Dream has been a must-have TV-watching accessory for 8 years. It’s bold. It’s brash. It’s the ice cream embodiment of the basic cable "newsman" himself.

And as Colbert puts it, it also happens to "save the world" with proceeds supporting the Stephen Colbert Americone Dream fund. The fund supports a wide range of causes close to Colbert’s heart, such as food and medical assistance for disadvantaged children, aid for veterans and their families, and environmental causes.

To celebrate the 8th anniversary of Americone Dream, we would now like to reminisce with a few of our favorite Ben & Jerry’s-related Colbert quotes from over the years. The Dream continues…

"Dessert has a well-known liberal agenda, it’s great that I’m finally bringing some balance back to the dip case."

From way back in 2007 when officially announcing the launch of his flavor, Americone Dream.

"Nooooo, I hate Vermont!"

Colbert’s brain-freeze-induced hallucinatory reaction after landing in the Green Mountain State with Jimmy Fallon.

"My ice cream even plays a key role in the plot of the television series Breaking Bad. Before my ice cream, Jesse can’t reach the bars of his cage, but after eating my ice cream, he can leap like an eagle!"

Words of endorsement during a shameless product placement on the Colbert Report.

"Have you guys ever thought of a Ronald Reagan flavor? It could have jelly beans…and little bits of the Berlin Wall."

Another gem from the Americone Dream launch in 2007.

"Nation, my ice cream Americone Dream is near and dear to my heart. In fact, my cardiologist says I have a fair amount of caramel lodged in my left ventricle…"

Colbert’s disgust after hearing about the launch of Late Night Snack.

"Fallon! There’s room for only one flavor in late night, so cancel your flavor or I will turn Late Night Snack into Late Night Slop, which I believe is Chelsea Handler’s flavor."

Colbert’s continued smack talk.

"What?!? Ben and Jerry, how could you support these lefty protestors? What’s next? Supporting gay marriage just because your hubby’s got a chubby for the Chunky Monkey?"

Colbert’s commentary on Ben & Jerry’s support of the Occupy Wall Street movement.