We Are Better Than This, America

December 10, 2015

Here at Ben & Jerry’s, equality, justice and a healthy future for our planet have always been at the heart of what we believe in. We strive to be social justice company that happens to make ice cream, not the other way around.


Lately, we’ve been stunned to hear so many voices in the national discourse that preach the politics of hatred and exclusion. These voices may be loud, but that doesn’t make them right.

Our company and our communities include people of all origins, faiths and backgrounds – a tapestry of human experience that strengthens us in all our endeavors. We know that the same is true for this country, which was built on the promise of freedom and justice for all. We fall far short of those ideals as a nation when we let divisiveness and fear cloud our judgment and shape our actions.

This is a moment when everyone is invited to stand up for the ideals they believe in. Our company stands in solidarity with everyone who rejects the politics of hatred and suspicion. We stand in solidarity with those who embrace a multicultural America that honors freedom of religion as a basic right. We stand with all those in our country who seek to bring people together and shape a hopeful future. For everyone, no exceptions.

Now is the time to make your voice heard. Together, we can make justice and equality louder than hate and division.

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