10 Things You Never Knew Could Be an Ice Cream Sandwich

April 6, 2020

Do we stop to think about ice cream sandwiches enough? Answer: We do not. Perhaps because the ice cream sandwich is the kind of beautiful, essential thing that feels like it’s been around forever, a constant in our ever-changing world. Can you imagine a world without ice cream sandwiches? We can’t, any more than we can imagine one without spoons, or kittens, or cookie dough. And when you're in a pinch, you'd be surprised what you can use for an ice cream sandwich without compromising at all on taste. These are some of the weirdest things we've ever ice cream sandwich'd:


  1. Bacon Weaves

    Someday you may ask yourself, “Is there anything that doesn’t taste better with bacon?” But you already know the correct answer to that question. Bacon is basically magical. And, come to think of it, so is ice cream. So you’re going to want to cast this spell again and again.

  2. Biscuit

    You may think you know biscuits, but trust us, you won’t quite be prepared for how good this tastes. Crumbly, buttery biscuit plus cool, sweet ice cream euphoria . . . it’s weird and wonderful.

  3. Cinnamon Raisin Bagel

    Because why should cream cheese have all the fun? 

  4. Croissant

    Croissants are wonderful on their own, all flaky and buttery and perfect, but they’re great for breakfast sandwiches too. And they can’t be beat when baked with ham and cheese or filled with chocolate. Croissants, in other words, are ready for their ice cream close-up.

  5. Muffin Tops

    Everybody knows that the best part of the muffin is the top. And even better than a muffin top? Two muffin tops gently hugging a slice of Ben & Jerry’s.

  6. Scone

    We turn to scones when we have a mug of tea or coffee nearby. We warm them up and spread them with jam or let the butter melt in and it’s so good, but otherwise, it’s out of sight, out of mind. Until now. 

  7. S’mores

    No need to rub your eyes: you’re reading this right. We’re talking about spreading ice cream between fresh-from-the-fire s’mores. Dangerously messy, sure, but oh so dangerously delicious.

  8. Stroopwafels

    If you’ve never tried a stroopwafel, a Dutch cookie with a thin layer of caramel between two thin wafers, put down your phone or get up from your desk and remedy that situation right now. Here’s our advice: prop your stroopwafels atop a steaming cup of coffee to warm them up and get that caramel gooey. Now spread some ice cream between them and get ready for your world to change forever. 

  9. Tostadas

    Please take a moment and write down the time and date on a piece of paper: you’re going to want to remember the very moment you discovered this life-changing idea. Hot and cold, spicy and sweet. This is everything you never knew you wanted.

  10. White Bread With Sprinkles

    If you’re bored of white bread, imagine how white bread feels. White bread is tired of your peanut butter and jelly, America. What your white bread needs and craves is ice cream, a generous portion of ice cream. And sprinkles? Yes, sprinkles!