3 Holiday Recipes That Will Wow A Crowd

December 2, 2016

It’s All About Dessert, Right?

When you go to a holiday gathering, either an impromptu potluck with friends or a big old-fashioned family feast, we all know what you’re really waiting for: dessert. Or is that just us?

Sure, the potatoes and green beans and Aunt Edie’s famous turnips are lovely, but we’re of the mind that all the savories are really just a prelude to the real event of the evening. When the pies and cakes and whipped cream make an appearance, that’s our time to shine.

And since your dessert repertoire probably usually consists of what you can make with a couple of pints of Ben & Jerry’s, let us help you out this holiday season. Behold: three recipes that incorporate as much Ben & Jerry’s as possible and are perfect for satisfying a crowd:


  • Truffle Puff-Tarts

    We’re pretty sure that nobody in the history of desserts has ever turned up their nose at the layers and layers of buttery delight that is puff pastry. And this one has a surprise inside: chocolate ganache made from Chocolate Fudge Brownie. Surprise!  Recipe here.

  • Browned Butter Banana Upside Down Cake

    For all the monkeys in your life, this cake’s a home run. The moist, dense cake with Chunky Monkey’s quintessential walnuts and fudge chunks is topped with caramelized bananas and sweet browned sugar glaze. The only way to make it better: top it with a scoop of Chunky Monkey, of course!  Recipe here.

  • Chocolatey Bread Pudding

    This ain’t yo’ mama’s bread pudding, that’s for sure. Moist and chocolatey-er than you’ve ever experienced bread pudding, this one is a real crowd-pleaser. And take it from us, it doubles as a delightful breakfast treat, too. (Just don’t tell Mom.) Recipe here.

What are you making for your holiday get-togethers? Any Ben & Jerry’s recipes you’re particularly excited about? Share your plans in the comments below!