20 Wacky Ways to Celebrate Leap Day 2016

February 25, 2016

Ben & Jerry's - Celebrate Leap Day

2016 is a Leap Year, and that means Monday, February 29, is Leap Day—an extra day we get once every four years. It’s a calendar correction that balances out the earth’s less-than-perfect rotation around the sun, and it’s been around for longer than Cherry Garcia (2,000 more years to be exact). Wacky calendar anomalies aside, it’s a day rife with strange customs and traditions. We thought we’d start a few of our own with 20 ways you can enjoy those extra 24 hours.

1. Treat yourself to this insane breakfast sandwich upon waking.

2. Celebrate the 1 in 1,461 chance you had of being born on Leap Day by throwing yourself a birthday party...even if it's not your birthday.

3. Write a rap about ice cream…it is Ja Rule's birthday after all.

4. Stockpile your freezer with Peanut Butter Cup for National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day, which just so happens to fall on March 1.

5. Skip the gym and leap from side to side instead!

6. While you’re at it, skip the car, too, and walk to work. Good for you, and good for the environment!

7. Still mourning the loss of Liz Lemon’s Greek Frozen Yogurt? Commemorate the 30 Rock crew by wearing blue and yellow in honor of their Leap Day tradition.

8. Try dishing up a wild four-flavor combination. Mint Chocolate Chunky Monkey Fudge Brownie BuzzBuzzBuzz could be good!

9. Use the extra day to do your taxes, clean the attic or trim your toenails—you know, things you do every four years.

10. Or skip the chores by rolling up your sleeves and trying one of our easy ice cream recipes.

11. Why not sob and laugh the day away by curling up with a romantic comedy? Leap Year seems like a solid option.

12. You could be a hero by donating the extra day’s income or time to your favorite charity.

13. Skip school or ditch work. It’s a Monday after all, why not make the most of the extra day?

14. Make an official list of your top four favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavors, then have it tattooed on your forehead…written backwards, of course, so you can read it while looking in the mirror. Or just laminate it for safekeeping. It's up to you.

15. Skip the ordinary and make a sundae with unusual toppings—jumping beans or chocolate-covered grasshoppers anyone?

16. Time capsules are cool. So why not stash away a Limited Batch pint in your freezer to enjoy after it disappears from grocery stores? Or tomorrow, when you finally cave in to the cravings.

17. Take a leap of faith and get married! There’s a weird Leap Day tradition around getting married, plus you’ll only have to remember to celebrate your anniversary every four years.

18. Celebrate that knot-tying with Cheesecake Brownie ice cream. After all, it was first introduced two Leap Years ago in 2008.

19. Head to your local Scoop Shop and have them make you the craziest, wildest milkshake you can think of. Mango Cherry Garcia, anyone?

20. No matter what, be sure to scoop one out for our fallen heroes—like the Encyclopedia Britannica, which ceased the 244-year run of its print edition during the last Leap Year.

Well, there you go. Twenty ways to make the most of Leap Year’s bonus day. Got one we missed? Let us know in the comments!