Our 12 Favorite Signs from Democracy Awakening

April 17, 2016

Today we were at Democracy Awakening, marching and rallying with thousands of people for a fair and inclusive democracy. We’re a little sunburnt, but it was a great day with partners from hundreds of diverse organizations.

Oh, The Sights You'll See

By now, we’ve been to more than a few of these mass rallies. And we always expect to see a few things: somebody on stilts, a drummer who won’t quit, a bearded prophet, a few fierce grannies, lots of ponytails, and the guy who got dragged there by his friends (but finds himself chanting along by the end). We saw it all today.

Oh, And Signs

We saw so many awesome signs. Here, for your viewing pleasure, are the 12 best signs we saw out on the streets today.

The biggest issue facing our democracy is getting money out and people in. Simple, right? She totally gets it.


It’s so simple that this dog gets it, too.


This guy knows that many politicians care more about their big-money donors than their voters…


…and that:


…but some folks know:


…and they’re really passionate about it.


Because for many of us:


…and it’s so important that we care deeply and act boldly.


The good news? Lots of people do, from every age…




…and income.


So friends, wake up to the injustice. Whether we march, drum, walk on stilts, organize, write letters to the editor, or just talk with our families and friends, together we can make a difference.

As Martin Luther King, Jr., said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”