5 Sweet Ways to Have a Fairtrade Halloween

October 17, 2017

Fairtrade Halloween

When you think of October, you probably think of Halloween. Of course you do, Halloween is amazing! Any holiday that combines sweets and costumes and a wee bit of terror is A-okay in our book. 

But did you know that October is also Fair Trade Month? That's right, the spookiest month of the year is also the month for getting to know the fair trade offerings at your local grocery store and learning all about how they help farmers all over the world get a fair price for their goods.

So we got to thinking: Why not combine them? Why not make it a Fairtrade Halloween this year? Sounds scarily scrumptious to us.

  1. Hand out Fairtrade Certified candy

    Fairtrade, you probably know, is really important to us. We love how buying Fairtrade means helping farmers and their communities thrive while ensuring that we receive only the highest-quality ingredients and products in return. What a win-win! Halloween, of course, is all about candy, so why not guarantee that your purchases do two awesome things—make kids AND farmers happy—at the same time?

  2. Have a Halloween party with Fairtrade Certified candy and Fairtrade Certified Ben & Jerry's

    Who doesn’t love a Halloween party? Invite your friends and neighbors over, put out plenty of Fairtrade Certified candy for everybody (just make sure that you’ve stashed some away for yourself too!), but then make it a party to remember by bringing out your favorite pints of our Fairtrade Certified ice cream. Scoops of Ben & Jerrys with candy on top? NOT doing it is too frightening to contemplate…

  3. Wear a Fairtrade-inspired costume

    OK, so you’re planning your party or you’ve been invited to one. What to wear? You already know how to get in costume as your favorite flavor, so that’s one option. But you could elevate your game just a bit by becoming your favorite Fairtrade ingredient for the night. Who doesn’t want to be the guy or girl in the epic (if not necessarily spooky) banana suit? Slap a Fairtrade logo on the peel and make a little Halloween history.

  4. Go "reverse trick or treating"

    Reverse trick or treating? Yeah, it sounds strange at first, but hear us out. Sure, traditionally Halloween is defined kids wandering all around town, knocking on doors, and asking for candy. But what if you switch things up? Wouldn’t it be cool if you brought a bag of Fairtrade Certified candy around with you and the kids and handed out a treat at each house? What a great and very sweet way to give back to your neighbors while also getting the word out about the importance of Fairtrade.

  5. Share the news!

    Enjoy these October days and nights, while the sun still warms and the nights are crisp and cool. Gather your friends and family around. Pull on your flannel and fleece. And when Halloween rolls in, talk candy, talk cocoa, and talk Fairtrade. It’s hard to imagine a holiday that’s more focused on candy than Halloween, so it’s the perfect time to tell them about the role Fairtrade plays in making lives better all around the world. Trick or treat? Definitely a treat, for everyone.


    At Ben & Jerry’s, the thing we love most is doing good and having fun at the same time. Halloween is great, but by doing good, we can make it even better. Buy Fairtrade if you want your tasty treats to change lives.