15 Insanely Cute Dogs
Who Make Us Excited To Go To Work

December 21, 2020

There’s something a little different about the Ben & Jerry’s offices. Amid all the coffee runs, chit-chat, and rushing around making the world a better, more ice creamy place, you’re likely to hear a woof or a bark or the crunching of teeth on a dog treat. That’s because we are a dog-friendly office, and our canine friends – the K-9 to 5-ers – get to hang out with us at work all day long.

We’re always excited to come into the office and see whose tail is wagging today. These are some of our favorites:


  1. Jax, whose smile could melt a pint of Cherry Garcia

  2. Spock, who’s just trying to get these reports in on time

  3. Frida, who helps her human pick out which flavor to try next

  4. Rutherford, the best hiker in the office

  5. Levon, who is loving his work-from-home setup

  6. Violet and Rosie, who really want a treat, pretty pretty please

  7. Tank, who is 20 scoops of adorable

  8. Chance, who is thrilled about his personal pint throne

  9. Scout, who’s hoping there’s something good in that lunchbox

  10. Kepler, who will laugh at all your jokes (even the bad ones)

  11. Saoirse, who doesn't mind getting a little sand in her fluff

  12. This meeting of the canine minds

  13. Ruby, who is loving her new hat

  14. Pontch, who needs an afternoon siesta

  15. Charlie, who can't believe you're going for a walk without him