Top 8 Scoop Shop Kid Favorites

August 12, 2016

A Family eating Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

If there’s anybody out there who loves ice cream more than we do, it’s kids. Need proof? Just look at any kid with a cone in her hand at a Scoop Shop: look at the ice cream all over her face, dripping down her hands, her arms, falling on her shirt. And then, look at her smile. The way kids love ice cream is the way we should all love whatever we love: completely.

But are there some kinds of Scoop Shop concoctions that kids love more than others? We’ve come up with what we think is a definitive list of kids’ Scoop Shop favorites. Keep this handy the next time you head out for a cold, sweet treat.

1. Shaken, Stirred, and Sipped

Ben & Jerry's vanilla milkshake

Few things cool your kiddos down faster than a rich, delicious milkshake. Choose any two flavors and get ready to see some big smiles. Oh, and be sure to remind your young ones that you’ll need to “test” their shake with a few big sips first. It’s basically the law.

2. It Came from Vermont

The Vermonster! This infamous behemoth is perfect for when you have a giant herd of extra-hungry kids. Many hands (and spoons) and mouths are the only way to bring this 20-scoops-tall beast to bay.

3. With Sprinkles on Top

Cone with sprinkles

Sprinkles. Sprinkles. Also: sprinkles. Every kid loves sprinkles, especially rainbow sprinkles, on anything and everything. But, you know, we’ve found that most kids won’t turn down gummy bears and M&M’s either!

4. All the Colors of the Rainbow

Stand in line at one of our Scoop Shops and you’re bound to hear a little voice begging for “the pink one, Mommy, the pink one!" Strawberry is huge with kids, but truth be told, any colorful flavor like, Berry Berry Extraordinary Sorbet, will do the trick. And, oh man, Cotton Candy! Don’t get between a kid and Cotton Candy.

5. Cookie Crazy

Ben & Jerry's Milk & Cookies

What is it about kids and cookies? Load up them up with Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Sweet Cream & Cookies, or Milk & Cookies and watch the euphoria (along with smears of ice cream) spread across on their faces. But if you want to be a parenting superhero, order a Cookie Cookie Sundae (and grab an extra spoon for yourself)!

6. More Chocolate, Please

A chocolate mustache is always a telltale sign of a great time at the Scoop Shop. Whether it’s plain Chocolate, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, or Chocolate Therapy, it’s absolutely impossible to go wrong. Also impossible: not taking a photo of that mustache.

7. Ice Cream Cakes for the Win

Ben & Jerry's Cake

Anybody can have a plain ol’ birthday cake, but we know from experience that a completely customized (we’re talking choose your own flavors, toppings, and more!) Ben & Jerry’s ice cream cake makes every party that much more awesome. And you can only order them through a Scoop Shop!

8. Cones, with a Side of Napkins

Flavor selection is one thing. But then comes the next hardest part: how to eat it! Kids usually want a cone (a chocolate-dipped sugar cone wins rave reviews from most kid-critics—waffle cones tend to be a bit massive for little hands), but savvy parents almost always asks for a cup on the side, "just in case!" And don’t forget to grab TONS of napkins too.