7 Ways to Make Sure You Vote on November 8th

October 31, 2016

Ben & Jerry's - Vote on November 8th

Raise your hand if you’re going to vote on November 8th.

Good, good. It looks like your intentions are in the right place, ice cream fans, and for that we give you one hearty scoop of “thank you” with extra awesome sauce.

But intending to do something is miles different from actually doing it. Heck, we intend to only have a bite or two of Chocolate Fudge Brownie, but then that spoon hits the bottom of the pint, and all we can say is, “Well, maybe next time.”

Well, there is no “maybe next time” in this election. There is only November 8th, you, your polling place, and some big decisions. Here are our 7 fail-proof tips for making sure that your intention to vote becomes a reality:

  1. Make up your mind already.

    Haven’t decided whom to vote for yet? That’s okay, there’s still time! But don’t wait until you’re in the voting booth to decide — research the issues that are near and dear to you so you can march into your polling place confident in your choices. And don’t forget about congressional, state, and local races!

  2. Find your polling place.

    Even if you’ve voted at your current polling place before, check to make sure it hasn’t changed since last time. Nail down where to go (and where to park!) beforehand so you’re not left scrambling.

  3. Enlist a voting buddy.

    Do you have a gym buddy who keeps you accountable for all those early-morning workouts? A voting buddy is the same concept: somebody to keep you motivated when the excuses to skip it start creeping in. Plan ahead of time when you’ll go, how you’ll get there, and motivate each other to make it happen.

  4. Prepare your creature comforts.

    Unfortunately, there’s a chance you could face long lines to get into your polling place. Don’t let this discourage you! Your vote is worth the wait! But pack a bag with a water bottle, granola bar, crossword puzzle, and maybe a pint of Americone Dream to split with your voting buddy.

  5. Get your docs in a row.

    Does your state require ID for voting? Do you know which types of ID are acceptable? Do you need documents proving that you’ve changed your name, such as after a marriage or divorce? Be absolutely 100% sure that you have what you need before November 8th.

  6. Plan some daily democratic #inspo.

    Set yourself up for success by getting psyched about the democratic process. Make the lock screen on your phone your favorite political quote. Make a list of all the reasons you’re voting for your favorite candidate and post it on your fridge. Talk politics (respectfully) with your friends and family and see if they have any new perspectives you hadn’t considered.

  7. Plan a relaxing election night.

    This election has been exhausting. We can’t blame you for being sick of it already. After you’ve voted, plan on kicking back for an evening of relaxation as you watch the results pour in. Delivery pizza? Yes, please. Pint of Half Baked? Try and stop us.

Listen, voting is important.

We couldn’t possibly vote on every single issue facing the US today (unless you want to camp out permanently at your polling place, and we don’t think the high school gym is that nice), so we elect leaders to make those decisions on our behalf. What will we do about climate change? How can we address the refugee crisis in a way that’s fair and compassionate? What can we do to support Americans who are struggling? Somebody has to answer these questions — don’t you want a say in who that is? We do. And we hope you do, too.

Election Day is Tuesday, November 8th. Click here to register to vote if you haven’t yet (fingers crossed that you still can!), and mark your calendars!