Our Top 8 Same-Flavor Relationships


April 05, 2016

A couple eating ice cream cones

We love ice cream. We love thinking about it, we love making it and, most of all, we love eating it. Yes, ice cream and love go together like a bowl and a spoon.

The fun thing about ice cream is that so many flavors are better together. There are so many combinations! So many ways to find true ice cream happiness.  

And sometimes chocolate can only get better with more chocolate. Sometimes caramel calls out for a whole lot more caramel. Sometimes peanut butter longs for another big heaping helping of peanut butter.

So if these same-flavor relationships are a testament to anything, it’s that loving who – or what – you love is always the tastiest option:


Chocolate Therapy and Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Chocolate comes in so many forms: ice cream, cookies, pudding, brownies. While chocolate goes well with many other flavors, there's something truly indulgent about chocolate on chocolate on chocolate. Combining classic Chocolate Fudge Brownie with soul-soothing Chocolate Therapy is just what the doctor ordered.


Cake Batter and Red Velvet Cake

Have you ever asked yourself, “Is there any such thing as too much cake?” Well, we can confirm that no one around Ben & Jerry’s HQ has ever uttered that question. We’ve always said that nothing goes better with cake than some more cake… and ice cream!


Triple Caramel Chunk and Salted Caramel Core

They met at the carnival. They went on the rides. At the end of the night, they melted into each other’s arms. “I caramel you so much,” whispered Triple Caramel Chunk. “What did you say?” asked Salted Caramel Core, pulling back. “I said, I care about you so much.”


Peanut Butter Cup and Peanut Buttah Core

Remember when you were a kid and you begged your mom to put more peanut butter on your peanut butter sandwiches? Smooth, chunky, you wanted it all. Well, you’re a grownup now, so there’s nothing holding you back! Happiness is adding Peanut Butter Cup to Peanut Buttah Core anytime you want.


Banana Split and Chunky Monkey

Banana Split said, “You drive me bananas!” “I am SO tired of that joke,” said Chunky Monkey. “C’mon, it’s pretty complex. You just have to start peeling back the meanings…” Chunky Monkey groaned, which only made Banana Split laugh harder.


Coffee, Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz! and Coffee Toffee Bar Crunch

It's 3:30 pm on a Wednesday. You're craving a sweet treat, but dragging your feet. Some mornings are the 2 cup of coffee kind, while some afternoons it's a double scoop of these two coffee flavors that you need get your motor running. It's kind of like an extra shot of espresso, but in fudge chunk form.


Milk & Cookies and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

What makes these flavors so comforting? Maybe it’s memories of baking cookies with your grandma, who always let you sneak a taste of the dough. Or the satisfying feeling of enjoying the final product with a cold glass of milk. Or maybe you just appreciate cookies in all their glory, baked or unbaked.


Everything But The… and Half Baked

It’s not that you can’t decide which flavor you love best, it’s that you don’t want to. Why do anything halfway? Cookie dough, brownies, peanut butter cups, toffee pieces, white chocolate, and fudge-covered almonds? Yes, please. You’re only a few scoops away from having it all.