The 8 Best Cityscape Murals in Our Scoop Shops

May 11, 2016


There are a lot of awesome things about your local Scoop Shop. The amazing flavors (some of which are exclusively available at Scoop Shops), the super friendly staff, that intoxicating waffle cone smell . . . it’s a feast for the senses.

Including, in many Scoop Shops, the unique and truly amazing wall murals. We think every city with a Scoop Shop is pretty darned special. They’re full of ice cream fans like you, after all! So sometimes we’ll create a custom mural celebrating these wonderful ice cream-lovin’ cities. Here are few of our absolute favorites:


1. Boston, MA

Chock full of American history and die-hard baseball and hockey

Boston is just a stone’s throw away from our headquarters in Burlington, Vermont. Chock full of American history and die-hard baseball and hockey fandom, we love all the Boston treasures hidden in this iconic mural.


2. Hoboken, NJ

Woody is doing his best Frank Sinatra impression

A bustling hipster haven just a short ferry ride from Manhattan, Hoboken is easily recognizable from its Beaux-Arts style Lackawanna terminal building. Wondering why Woody is doing his best Frank Sinatra impression? Hoboken is the birthplace of The Voice.


3. Orlando, FL

Woody being a tourist in Orlando

We probably know why you’d be visiting Orlando, Florida. To trek around a certain theme park filled with whimsical characters and exhilarating rides, perhaps? Don’t forget to take some time between roller coaster rides to enjoy the beautiful views of Lake Eola.


4. Watkins Glen, NY

Woody taking in Seneca Lake in upstate New York

We love this stunning mural from Watkins Glen, a sleepy city situated at the tip of Seneca Lake in upstate New York. Besides being the home of Phish’s last two festivals – Superball and Magnaball – it’s also a great place to take in views of the Finger Lakes.


5. Myrtle Beach, SC

Myrtle Beach mural memorializes its iconic boardwalk

Myrtle Beach is a beach-lover’s paradise – the perfect destination for kicking back with a cone and a beach umbrella. This mural memorializes its iconic boardwalk, complete with observation wheel. No, it’s not a Ferris wheel. But it’s close.


6. Providence, RI

a bustling city on the Providence River

Providence is a bustling city on the Providence River. See those torches on the river in this Scoop Shop’s mural? We didn’t just throw those in for fun – Providence’s WaterFire exhibit is one of the coolest things we’ve ever seen.


7. São Paulo, Brazil

Graffiti art work in Sao Paulo Brazil

When we opened a Scoop Shop in São Paulo, Brazil, we knew that graffiti art would have to be a part of the design. After all, the city has a thriving street art scene that we couldn’t get enough of. For this mural, we worked with an up-and-coming local artist to show off São Paulo’s vibe.


8. Burlington, VT

Greetings Ben & Jerry's in Burlington VT

It’s no surprise that we have a soft spot for this mural at our hometown Scoop Shop in Burlington, VT. No, it’s not in the same location as the original Scoop Shop (that one was, sadly, mural-less), but it brings to life all the sweetest, neatest nooks and crannies in Ben and Jerry’s old stomping ground.