12 Secrets From Ben & Jerry’s Scoopers

January 22, 2016

Scoop Shop employee holding a cone and a cup

Scooping Ben & Jerry’s ice cream isn’t just a job. It’s a heroic act that brings satisfied smiles to millions and billions and trillions of people across the globe. Ok, maybe we exaggerated those numbers a little bit. Or a lot. Either way, our Scoop Shop Scoopers are the best at what they do. They’ve spent hours doling out chunks and swirls, and they’ve learned some secrets along the way.

Read on as 12 of those secrets are revealed!


  1. Waffle Cone Cologne

    Hang out in a Scoop Shop and, by the end of the day, everything holds the delicious scent of waffle cones. Hair. Clothes. Skin. EVERYTHING. Passer-bys have known to lean in for a closer sniff.

  2. Covered in Chocolate Therapy

    Even if you’re not scooping the flavor, it somehow ends up on your hands. The stuff’s got some magical magnetic powers that even science can’t figure out.

  3. Identification, Please

    Contrary to popular belief, your scooper is neither Ben nor Jerry. Well, it may be a Ben or Jerry, but not the Ben or Jerry.

  4. The Customer Isn’t Always Right

    We’ll always serve whatever flavors you ask for, but some combinations just weren’t meant to be. Mint and mango? Really? Have you tried it?

  5. We’re Unique Snowflakes

    Not every scooper loves Phish and Jerry Garcia. But we love that you love these things. If you love them, that is.

  6. The Cone Conundrum

    Waffle, sugar and cake cones may seem similar, but they’re totally different. And we have to understand why before we reach Jedi-level scooper status.

  7. Apologies are Sometimes Necessary

    We don’t have Moose Tracks. Lots of people ask for it, and lots of people are disappointed. Sorry.

  8. Milkshake Madness

    We encourage creativity when it comes to milkshakes. Pick any two flavors you want, and we’ll make it happen (but please, don’t make us mix Mint and Mango). 

  9. Everything in Moderation

    We know, we know, you couldn’t work here without gaining 30 lbs. But the truth is, we kinda stop eating the ice cream after the first few weeks. Cookies and brownies are another story altogether, though.

  10. Rites of Passage

    We don’t mean to burn ourselves on the waffle iron, but it seems to happen to every single person who scoops here. We wear the resulting battle wounds with pride.

  11. Haute Fudge

    Call us snobs, but we believe our hot fudge is the best around. We’ve tried the others’. They just don’t compare.

  12. Napkins are Your Friend

    Chocolate goatees are adorable... if you’re 10. Otherwise, we think you got a little sloppy with your cone.           

There you have it! Twelve secrets that every scooper comes to know. Do any of them surprise you? Let us know in the comments!