11 Ways to Celebrate The Tonight Dough and Americone Dream on their

February 12, 2016

A Pint of The tonight Dough & Americone Dream

We like February. It’s one of our favorite months of the year. There’s Groundhog Day and Valentine’s Day, but that’s not all. February is also when two of our favorite flavors were born!

This year, we’re celebrating the 9th flavor-versary of Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream and the 1st for Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Dough. Now, we know you like to party, so here are some ways you can celebrate while paying homage to these two flavors:

  1. Go Flavor Tripping

    Fill your mouth with one spoonful of Americone Dream and one spoonful of Tonight Dough. Then see if you can isolate the tastes of each.

  2. Call Your Grade School Crush

    You may have missed your chance for true love, but they’ll be the ones full of regret after learning you celebrate important flavor-versaries like these.

  3. Shake it Up

    Walk into your local Scoop Shop and demand they make you a milkshake that mixes the two flavors. By the way, when we say demand, we mean ask nicely with a big smile. 

  4. Be a Gifter

    Give out a pint for every year the flavor’s been around. That’s nine lucky people getting a pint of Americone Dream and one super lucky person getting Tonight Dough. 

  5. Go Big

    Grab a large bowl, the one you usually reserve for mixing 10-person-salads, and fill it with nine scoops of Americone Dream and one of The Tonight Dough. Then top it with as many toppings as you deem fit. What happens next is up to you.

  6. Buy a New Spoon

    Of course you could use any of your current spoons to scoop out servings of these two delicious flavors. But just think of how much better Colbert’s fudge-covered waffle cone pieces and Fallon’s two types of cookie dough will taste on some brand new silverware.

  7. Turn the World Upside Down

    Watch Fallon while eating Americone Dream, and watch Colbert while digging into some Tonight Dough. Don’t tell the late night hosts, though. They may think you’re crazy.

  8. Pull a Pint Prank

    Fill a pint of Americone Dream with The Tonight Dough, and a pint of The Tonight Dough with Americone Dream. Then hand them out and see if your friends can spot your shenanigans. 

  9. Blow Up 100 Balloons

    99 isn’t enough and 101 is too many. But 100? That’s the perfect amount for a celebration of this magnitude. Plus, just think of how hungry you’ll be after all that effort.

  10. Put Your Eating Bib On

    We’re not calling you a messy eater. We’re not saying you’re bound to spill Fallon’s chocolate cookie swirls on your pants or dribble Colbert’s caramel swirls on your shirt. But isn’t it better to be safe than sorry?

  11. As long as you’ve got a pint by your side, there’s no wrong way to celebrate these flavor-versaries. So pick up some Ben & Jerry’s, grab your friends and get your eating on!