This Is Your Brain On Ben & Jerry’s

September 30, 2016

What happens when you take a bite of your favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor? Does your tongue do a little happy dance? Does your belly burst into triumphant song? Ours sure do, and we have to assume yours do, too.

What we do know, though, is that as soon as you take that first bite of Half Baked or Phish Food, your brain ceases to be an organ of rational thought. It becomes a swirling vortex of flavor euphoria, focused only on the flavor at hand. Don’t believe us? Check out our most recent brain scans:


Half Baked Brain

Whoo, nonsense half-baked-brain

If Half Baked is half baked, then naturally your brain gets the hint. Some of the utter insanity in there will be pretty baked and crispy, and some of it will be ooey-gooey and oh-so-chewey. Oh, and did you pay the rent?


BuzzBuzzBuzzed Brain

coffee coffee buzzbuzzbuzz brain

A caffeinated brain might be a productive brain, or it might be a fireworks show of random insanity. You truly never know what you’re in for when you pop the top of a pint of Coffee Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz.


Brain Phood


One bite of Phish Food, and your brain is ready for a summer of festival magic. Dance moves: fresh. Tie-dye: ready. Band trivia to rival Wikipedia: on lock. Just don’t forget the sunscreen, music lover.


S’mooshed Brain


If you’re a S’mores fan, your brain might look like this, well, most of the time. You’re an adventurer at heart – and, ahem, at brain. Don’t forget your compass (or your spoon), and your next adventure will be a wild delight.