QUIZ: Is Climate Change Real?


Ben & Jerry's - Is Climate Change Real?

What Do You Think?

Based on the fact that the average global temperature has been steadily increasing since around the time of the Industrial Revolution and hit its highest point ever in 2016, after previously hitting its highest point ever in 2015 and 2014 (in fact, the ten warmest years on record have occurred since 2000, except for 1998), and given that sea levels are rising, oceanic temperatures and acidity are increasing, coral reefs are dying, and Arctic sea ice is melting, and considering that glaciers are in full retreat and land ice in places like Greenland and Antarctica is disappearing at rates even faster than most models predicted, and taking into account the fact that extreme weather and weather-driven events like droughts, wildfires, and massive storms, have begun to occur with unprecedented (at least in terms of our recorded history) regularity, and noting that atmospheric carbon dioxide levels haven’t been as high as they are now in hundreds of thousands and possibly even millions of years, and further observing that spring snow cover across the Northern Hemisphere has been declining for the past fifty years while permafrost, in many areas, is no longer very “perma” or particularly frosty, do you think climate change is real?

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