5 Delicious Ways to Deck Out Your Pint Slice

February 8, 2017

Go Ahead, Get Wild

When it comes to dessert, a Ben & Jerry’s Pint Slice is a self-contained hand-held masterpiece of sweet euphoria. It doesn’t need any glitzing and glamming up, but let’s be real, doesn’t everything need a little glitzing and glamming up? We even deck out our bowls of Strawberry Cheesecake because ice cream alone < ice cream with toppings and drizzles. It’s science.

So we put on our experimenting hats and came up with some pretty sweet ways to deck out our Pint Slices:

  1. The Slice-wich

    We’ve made ice cream sandwiches out of some pretty wild things (bacon, anybody?).  But an ice cream sandwich made out of . . . more ice cream? Now that’s walking on the wild side. Do we dare? Oh yes, we dared. And we were not disappointed.

  2. The Slice Kabob

    There’s something so primal and fun about eating food off a skewer. Not to mention how much your guests will love being able to customize their skewers with with fruit and other skewer-able goodies. These are a blast to make and even more fun to devour.

  3. Slice-mojis

    Want to tell your roommate that you 😍  that they finally did the dishes? Or your bestie just how 😎  they are? Pint Slices are the sweetest way to deliver the message. Even if you want to tell your neighbor how 😠  you are at their pile of old recycling, who could be mad with a Pint Slice in their hand?

  4. The Slice Freakshake

    The freakshake might be the weirdest and wonderful-est thing ever to come out of Australia, and it is prime for a Pint Slice makeover. Let your imagination run wild as you craft the most over-the-top milkshake you can, then garnish with — you guessed it — a Pint Slice.

  5. The Naked Slice

    Who doesn’t like getting naked?! Don’t answer that. We know, we know, this list is supposed to be ways to deck out your already-pretty-perfect Pint Slice, but since a Pint Slice is already a decked out version of a bowl of ice cream, we say this one counts. Minimalism, right?