6 Ways Bob Marley Made the World a Better Place

May 11, 2017

Music Was Only the Beginning

As soon as you hear the first chords of your favorite Bob Marley song, you know you’re about to be transported to a state of peace, love, and togetherness. But for the icon himself, music was only the beginning. He spread peace and love through his words and actions every day, even when he wasn’t performing. How, you ask? With these six life lessons:


  1. Don't Worry About A Thing

    It’s easy to let the little things get on top of you, especially when it’s Monday morning, you’re running late, and you can’t find your keys. Perhaps Bob would have just let it all go and looked for the bigger picture. ‘Cause every little thing’s gonna be all right.

  2. Feel the Rhythm

    There’s no better way of taking your day up a notch than losing yourself in the music. Go on, stick your headphones in and just go with the beat.

  3. Let’s Get Together

    At the end of a day of stresses and pressures, sometimes all you want to do is curl up in a ball as far away from real life as possible. But as Marley taught us, a sure-fire way of raising your spirits is getting together with friends to feel alright.

  4. Get Up, Stand Up

    As iconic as Bob was in the world of music, he was just as inspirational in promoting peace and unity, “fighting ism and schism” - as he put it. While it’s difficult to top the power of his music in bringing people together, there’s something we can all do to stand up for love and make the world a little sweeter.

  5. Wake Up And Live

    It’s well known that Marley’s true love (other than music of course) was football. Bob thought football was like a whole new universe that made him feel free. You might not have his fast feet, but getting some action, even if it’s just a walk in the park, might just help you capture that sweet escape.

  6. Scoop Some Love into Your Life

    Our Limited Batch flavor One Love is a tasty tribute to the man himself. With banana ice cream, cookie and caramel swirls and chocolatey peace signs, this cool concoction will have you at maximum relaxation with a single spoonful… and what’s even sweeter is that proceeds help to fund the One Love Youth Camp in Jamaica.