10 Festival Hacks to Make Your Frendly Gathering Even More Awesome

May 31, 2017

What’s your favorite thing about summer? Is it the sunny weather that’s perfect for ice cream eating? The smell of freshly-mowed grass? The plethora of outdoor activities that the weather is finally not too cold for? 

Don’t get us wrong, those are all amazing, but our favorite thing about summer might just be the music festivals. When you combine music, the outdoors, our best friends, great food, and sunny weather, you can’t lose. And this year, we’re particularly excited for the Frendly Gathering, a rockin’ music festival in Waitsfield, Vermont. We’ll be there the whole time (June 29th - July 1st) scooping free — yeah, free — ice cream for festival-goers and getting down to some of our favorite bands.

Whether you’re a music festival veteran or a newcomer to the scene, you could definitely up your festival game. We’ve done this a lot, and we swear by these 10 hacks for making the most of the Frendly Gathering:

  1. You Know What They Say About the Early Bird

    They get the worm! Also, the best camping spots at this mountainside festival. Arrive early on June 29th to snag a primo camping spot that combines flat ground with ahh-mazing views.

  2. Location, Location, Location

    Scout out your camping spot wisely. You want to be somewhat close to the walking paths, but not so close as to risk people bumping into your tent at 2 am. And somewhat close to the bathrooms, but not too close to the bathrooms, if you catch our drift.

  3. Flag It for Later

    Bring a flag, tapestry, or other distinctive item to mark your tent and make it visible from afar. Sure, you think you’ll recognize your home base anywhere, but in the sea of tents — and especially in the wee hours of the morning — you’ll appreciate a little help.

  4. Layer Up

    Sure, it’ll be hot during the day. But don’t forget about nighttime. Even if you’re dancing your pants off in the middle of a dense crowd of festival-goers, nights can be chilly. Bring layers. Bonus points for warm layers that double as festive costume pieces.

  5. Trash It

    You know what ruins an idyllic camping experience in the beautiful Green Mountains? Piles of beer cans and food wrappers. Make clean-up easy on yourself and bring trash and recycling bags for your campsite. And use ’em.

  6. Chill Out

    Want to bring cold beverages and even a pint or two of Half Baked? Freeze water bottles before you leave to use as easy-peasy ice packs. And if you’ve been to the Frendly Gathering before and were lucky enough to score a Burton Beeracuda, bring it!

  7. Have a Study Sesh

    With a lineup as extensive as the Frendly Gathering’s this year, there’s a good chance you won’t be familiar with every single artist scheduled to play. And that’s okay! But you’ll appreciate their sets so much more if you get to know them before the festival. We recommend making a kick-butt playlist of festival acts for your drive to the event.

  8. Hack Your Way To The Front Of The Crowd

    The Frendly Gathering has two stages so that one band can be setting up on one while another band does their set on the other. It’s a genius setup — no down time between sets, so the music’s always flowing. To snag a front-row spot at a show you’re particularly pumped about, don’t wait until the previous band ends their set on the other stage. Get over there early and scout out the perfect spot.

  9. Keep the Squad Connected

    You and the crew probably won’t want to stay together 100% of the time. That’s cool, but don’t rely on being able to text them to ask where they’re at — this is a mountain after all, and cell service can be spotty. Make a plan for how you’ll find your friends if you get separated, like an agreed-on meeting spot, and save yourself a lot of panicking.

  10. Bring All Your Frends!

    It’s true what they say: the more the merrier! Get all your Frends on board for a weekend of music, dancing, skateboarding, and so, so much Ben & Jerry’s. RSVP here, and let the fun begin!