Great Flavor For a Great Cause:
One Love Launch Party is One To Remember

May 23, 2017

Ben & Jerry's One Love launch event, May 2017

One Love, One Pint

If you know Ben & Jerry’s, you know that we tend to express ourselves through ice cream. Our loves, our hopes, our dreams — they all come out in those sweet chunks and swirls. With the release of our newest flavor, One Love, we’re not just saying that we think banana ice cream, caramel and graham cracker swirls, and fudge peace signs are an amazing combination. We’re also showing our immense love and respect for iconic reggae legend Bob Marley.

We have long been inspired by Marley’s legendary life of music and activism. His philosophy of peace, love, and togetherness is just what our co-founders had in mind when they started this crazy ice cream company way back in 1978. And this week, our co-founder Jerry Greenfield joined us at the storied Roxy Theater on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood to launch this exciting new flavor.

“Ben & Jerry’s has had a bunch of partnerships over the years but there has never been one like the one we have now, working with Ziggy and the Bob Marley Foundation and the Marley family. Because it’s about those values, that legacy of love and unity and social justice,” Jerry said at the event last night.

Ben & Jerry's One Love launch event, May 2017

When The Music Hits You Just Right

The ice cream was delicious, but the music was the best part of the night. Aaron Nigel Smith led the evening with the One World Chorus performing his song “One.” After the Liberian folk song “Funga Alafia,” Aaron welcomed three of Ziggy’s children to the stage for a rendition of “Three Little Birds.” The night peaked as Ziggy Marley joined in for an amazing version of “One Love.”

Ben & Jerry's One Love launch event, May 2017

A Great Pint For a Great Cause

Among all the wonderful music and ice cream, the theme of the evening was the amazing cause that this pint supports: the One Love Youth Camp in St. Ann, Jamaica. A portion of the proceeds from each pint goes toward inspiring and empowering Jamaican youth through art, music, and creative expression. Each year, fifty 13- to 17-year-olds from underserved areas of Jamaica come together for workshops, performances, and the chance to express themselves in ways they often never thought possible. The experience is life-changing, and campers leave feeling inspired and emboldened.

Ben & Jerry's One Love launch event, May 2017

Pint Pride

We couldn’t be prouder to have launched this sweet new flavor alongside Ziggy Marley and the rest of the Marley family. Their commitment to the memory and ideology of Bob Marley is truly inspiring. “One love, one heart,” Bob sang, and we couldn’t agree more. As concert-goer Greg Adams said, “It's been really inspiring to be surrounded by so much positivity and love.”

Ben & Jerry's One Love launch event, May 2017

Check out where you can find One Love today, and scoop up some of this feel-good flavor while it’s available!