Bob Marley’s One Love Youth Camp Is Touching Hearts and Changing Lives

May 11, 2017


The Power of Peace and Love

We couldn't be more excited about Bob Marley's One Love Limited Batch! Why? It’s not just because of the greatest-hits compilation of banana ice cream, caramel and cookie swirls, and chocolate peace signs — although that stuff is awesome, don’t get us wrong.

Members in front of Bob Marley Street Art

The big reason One Love stirs us up so much is because a portion of the proceeds from all sales goes to support the One Love Youth Camp, an annual camp that helps promote youth empowerment and social change in Jamaica.


A Legacy of Empowerment

Bob Marley used his music to change the world, bringing people together to fight poverty and injustice and embrace creativity, equality, and peace. Today, 36 years after his death, that music, and his “one love” message, is still making a difference.

Participants with their certificates

Every year for the past three years, the Bob Marley Foundation, along with Partners for Youth Empowerment (and Ben & Jerry’s!), has hosted the One Love Youth Camp in St. Ann, Jamaica, the parish where Bob Marley was born. 

Fifty students (many from underserved communities in Kingston, Jamaica) between the ages of 13 and 17 get to stay there for five amazing days, learning through creative activities and workshops (in areas like music, dance, singing, theater, creative writing, and more) to share their stories.

Members hanging out in Bob's hometown

Imagine immersing yourself in the arts, taking risks, and finding out what you’re most passionate about in a supportive and safe environment. Imagine playing music or spending some time in a recording studio in the place where Bob Marley was born.


Let’s Get Together…

Every student, energized with a new sense of their personal potential, bursting with ideas, ready to practice their newfound leadership skills, takes what they’ve learned back to their home communities. The kids are transformed and excited to create positive change.

Members having fun

But at One Love Youth Camp, the students aren’t the only ones learning new skills. Partners for Youth Empowerment helps train the teachers and counselors to more effectively reach kids and create environments where they can enjoy themselves, open up, and thrive. These are things the teachers, in turn, can apply in their classrooms all year long.

This comprehensive approach to making the experience memorable and fun seems to be making a huge difference in the lives of all those who have participated. 

A group photo

The kids, in particular, leave believing that they can do anything they put their mind to. Ronaldo Sinclair, a student from a particularly vulnerable community in Kingston, said that “he was shy” when he first arrived, but by the time camp was over he had “come out of [his] shell.” The only problem? “I wish I could stay longer,” he said.


…And Feel All Right

If there’s anything more fun than concocting ice cream flavors for a living, we haven’t found it. Although it looks like writing and performing music for millions of adoring fans might be pretty enjoyable too.

Signs showing what they stand for

Whether you’re scooping ice cream or singing on stage, it’s a beautiful thing when you get to have fun and do good at the same time. Our new One Love Limited Batch flavor celebrates Bob Marley’s sound and vision while helping to ensure his legacy inspires a new generation of kids.

Group participation

Bringing ice cream and music together to fight for social equality and help kids have a life-changing experience? That actually might be the most fun combination of all.