Top 10 Things to Bring To an Outdoor Concert

June 9, 2017

Ben & Jerry's - Outdoor Concerts

Heading to any outdoor concerts this summer? We sure are! We’ll be hanging out at our own Ben & Jerry’s Concerts on the Green shows all summer long, dancing our cones off to some of our favorite musicians. If you’re going to be in the area, we hope we’ll see you there!

One thing we’ve learned over our many, many (many) years of going to outdoor concerts, is what to bring (and what not to bring) to make the evening a rocking success. Those cute stiletto heels? Leave ‘em at home. A comfy chair that won’t block the view of the people behind you? Definitely bring. Your charcoal grill and meats aplenty for the whole crew? Um, no. Bug spray? Heck, yeah.

Beyond the basics (ticket, blanket, dancing shoes), these are the top 10 things we bring every time we go to an outdoor concert to ensure maximum musical awesomeness:

  1. Plastic Sandwich Bag

    Why, you ask? To put your smartphone in if it starts raining! Your phone stays protected, but you can still take photos and even upload them to your social media accounts. Genius!

  2. Helium Balloon

    It’s not just because balloons are super neat (they defy gravity!). Attach your balloon to a chair or cooler at your hang-out spot so that your friends can find you easily in the crowd after they hit the beer tent or the restrooms.

  3. Toilet Paper

    It may not be a glamorous hack, but it could save you from some very un-glamorous concert port-a-potty situations. Pack your own and save yourself from the dreaded end-of-the-night paperless potty.

  4. Food and Libations

    Whether you opt for a bag of pretzels and a six-pack or a full picnic of fruit, cheese, charcuterie, caviar, and the fanciest wine in all the land, bringing your own food and drinks (when allowed) is always a smart move.

  5. Glow Sticks

    Fun? Check. Practical? Also check. Wave them around to show your enthusiasm, or clip them to your clothes so that your friends will have no trouble finding you in the rowdy crowd of dancers.

  6. Magnetic Key Holder

    If you think you’ll be dancing your pants off so much that your car keys could fall out of your pockets and be lost forever, consider a magnetic key hiding device. Put your car key inside, stick it under your car bumper, and dance the night away without a worry.

  7. Frisbee

    One thing we love about outdoor concerts is that you don’t have to be in your seat and paying attention at all times. You can chat, roam, and even play some lawn games during your not-so-favorite songs.

  8. Pen or Marker

    Think you might want to stick around and snag an autograph after the show? Don’t expect the musicians to have a pen tucked into their guitar strings. Make it easy on them and bring your own equipment.

  9. Contact Lenses and/or Binoculars

    If you’re a glasses wearer, swap them out for contacts for the night. When you start head-banging, you’ll be glad not to have to worry about them. And if you’re not a glasses wearer, consider some binoculars to catch every detail on the stage, like those cool drumstick tricks.

  10. Earplugs

    Ever been to a concert that was so loud that you actually couldn’t hear the music very well? Rock concerts can reach dangerously high decibel levels — especially near the speakers — enough to give you hearing loss. So, pack some earplugs. You’ll be able to hear the nuances of the music better, and protect your hearing. Trust us, you won’t look like a dork, you’ll look like a smart music lover.