How to Give Ice Cream as a Gift

November 30, 2017

Santa holding a pint of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

We love giving gifts. From birthdays to anniversaries to holidays to just because, it’s always fun to pick out the perfect present for that special someone. And did you know that you can give Ben & Jerry’s ice cream as a gift? Yup, you really can! You can order pints of Ben & Jerry’s online (even those hard-to-find flavors that the grocery store doesn’t carry) and have them sent to your friends and family. It’s easily the sweetest gift they’ll receive all year.


How to Send Ben & Jerry’s As A Gift

It’s easy to order ice cream online! Here’s what to do:

  1. Visit our gift shop.
  2. Choose a product category at the top of the page. (Don’t miss the Gift Packs section, filled with expertly curated bundles for every type of ice cream lover!)
  3. Browse the flavor selections, add your top picks to your cart, and head to the checkout.
  4. As you check out, use your gift recipient’s name and address as the shipping address.
  5. Their ice cream will arrive within 2 days, frozen to perfection.

Or, opt for a Scoop Shop gift card! Visit any Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop and pick up a gift card in any amount to give to your nearest and dearest.

That’s all there is to it! It’s easy to give your BFF a pint of their favorite flavor, your vegan cousin a pint of the newest Non-Dairy flavor, or your grandma a pint of the flavor that reminds you of her famous homemade desserts. They’ll thank you for your sweet, sweet creativity.