Happy Birthday, Americone Dream!

February 14, 2018

Americone Dream-

USAD (United States of Americone Dream)

Did you know that Americone Dream is the official ice cream flavor of the United States of America? (Trust us: it says so right there in the Constitution.) In fact, ever since we teamed up with Stephen Colbert 11 glorious years ago, Americone Dream has ranked right at the top of every patriotic American’s list of favorite things, just after freedom, bacon, and a bald eagle wrapped in the Stars and Stripes. 


Eat Ice Cream, Help the World

But the thing we love most about Americone Dream is that you’re helping to support dozens of charities every single time you buy a pint. The proceeds from each and every purchase go directly to Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream Fund, which donates all the money to worthy organizations. That’s right—each year every staff member on the Late Show submits the name of a favorite nonprofit and, on what Stephen describes as “my favorite night of the year,” he reads the names of all the organizations that will be receiving funding.

So, Happy 11th Anniversary, Americone Dream! May America’s love affair with this flavor continue for years to come—and remember, the more you eat, and the more you buy, the more good Stephen and his staff are able to do in the world. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal.