Honor The Earth Is Rethinking Our Relationship To The Environment


Honor the Earth was established in 1993 and has been working ever since to help Native American environmental groups raise awareness about the issues affecting their communities and get the funding they need to address those issues. 

Honor the Earth’s mission is rooted in a fundamental belief that we all need to rethink our relationship to the environment. For so long we’ve been using up the earth’s resources, leaving so little for the next generations, and now we’re at a critical moment. In response to the climate crisis, to mountaintop removal mining, to fracking and tar-sands extraction and so much more, Honor the Earth wants to transform the way we relate to the natural world—economically, socially, and politically. It’s time to recognize our collective humanity. It’s time to recognize that we all depend on the earth.

It’s possible that for many of us, the recent fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline was the tipping point in terms of our awareness of Native American environmental issues. So much was, and is, at stake, issues like clean water, tribal autonomy, sacred sites, and environmental justice. But the fight has been going on for far longer than that. 

Honor the Earth has been on the frontlines for 25 years. They’re fighting for environmental justice, working to build a renewable-energy economy on Native lands, and helping transform our relationship to the planet. We’re proud to help them continue their critical work.