10 Flavor Names That Didn’t Make The Cut

November 16, 2018

Flavor naming day is always a big to-do around here. We have an extra cup of coffee (or bowl of Coffee Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz), sharpen our pencils extra sharp, and get ready to brainstorm names for the next epic Ben & Jerry’s flavor.

But, sadly, not every name can make it onto the pint. And a lot of truly hilarious ideas end up on the cutting room floor. These are some of our absolute favorite flavor names that didn’t quite make the cut:

  1. Sir Mocha-Lot

    Boom Chocolatta Cookie Core was almost called Sire Mocha-Lot, but folks weren’t sure that everyone would get the reference to the 1990’s hip-hop artist.

  2. Oaty McOatFace

    Remember back in 2016 when the UK’s Natural Environment Research Council was naming a new research ship and held an online poll to crowdsource the new name? And the public voted overwhelmingly for Boaty McBoatface? This is like that, except that it was almost the name of Oat Of This Swirled.

  3. Baron Von Munch Often

    Back in the late 2000’s we launched a Limited Batch flavor called German Chocolate Cake that was almost given this name . . . until someone realized that it sounded more like an adult film star name than a reference to a late-80’s adventure film. Whoops?

  4. Shut Your Pie Hole

    This name ends up in the mix every time we launch a pie flavor. Sadly, we think it’s a little too mean for us. We’re pretty nice, after all.

  5. Oh My Ganache

    Remember Truffle Kerfuffle? Before we came up with that memorable rhyme, it was almost punnily named for its salted chocolate ganache swirl.

  6. Peanuts Envy

    When we named Peanut Brittle back in 2010, we almost gave it this untoward Freudian name. Until we found that another company was already using it. Darn it.

  7. Don’t Harsh My Marshmallow

    This summer’s Limited Batch Gimme S’more almost got this mellow name, but some folks didn’t dig the 420 reference. 

  8. Shake Your Cinnamon Buns

    We almost launched Cinnamon Buns as a collaboration with a certain talk show host who loves to dance. But we won’t name names.

  9. PB, No J

    Peanut Buttah Cookie Core almost got this simple, to-the-point name. But then we figured, why not have a little more fun?

  10. Aunt Hazel Is A Nut

    Every family has that one nutty aunt, right? The now-de-pinted Hazed & Confused Core was almost given this name, but we ultimately decided to go with a 420 joke instead. We think Aunt Hazel would approve.