11 Plant-Based Recipes That Are Totally Euphoric

January 4, 2019

Our Flavor Gurus love getting creative with our plant-based, vegan Non-Dairy flavors, and have come up with a whole lot of tasty, euphoric recipes to make them really shine. Whether you’re looking for a plant-based breakfast, snack, or dessert, we have you covered! Browse these 11 vegan recipes and then get cookin’!

  1. Vegan Cherry Garcia, Acai, and Chia Smoothie Jar

    Is it a snack? Is it dessert? Is it, dare we say, plant-based breakfast? That’s the beauty of a smoothie jar — it’s a wild card, a radical, a rebel. And with layers of cherries, chia pudding, and cherry acai smoothie, it’s perfect for fueling even your most rebellious days. Get the recipe here >>

  2. Vegan Fancy Fudge Pops

    The best part of these totally Instagram-ready Vegan Fancy Fudge Pops? It’s not the fudge (although, whoa), or that they’re easily portable, or even that they’re made with the oh-so-delightful Chocolate Fudge Brownie Non-Dairy. It’s that they’re totally customizable! Get the recipe here >>

  3. Vegan PB & Jelly Swiss Roll

    Peanut butter and jelly are a match made in heaven. Whenever they get together — for lunch, a snack, or even dessert — it’s always a raucous flavor party. This PB & Jelly Vegan Swiss Roll keeps the tradition alive with a flavor combo that makes us feel like a kid again. Get the recipe here >>

  4. Vegan Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake

    What’s even better than strawberry shortcake? Vegan Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake! These shortcakes are a snap to make and will be a hit with the whole crew. Get the recipe here >>

  5. Vegan Caramel Almond Brittle Tart

    What did the vegan say to the Caramel Almond Brittle Tart? “Almond love with you, man.” And you’ll be saying the same, because this is a true dessert masterpiece. From the crunchy crust to the creamy filling, this recipe is no joke. Get the recipe here >>

  6. Vegan Layered Pint Cake

    Take this one on the go! This portable dessert is ready for any adventure, whether it’s a walk to the park or a ride down the street on your retro rollerblades. Dig into layers of vegan cake and Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy, savoring every layer of euphoric vegan goodness. Get the recipe here >>

  7. Vegan Coconut Seven Layer Bar Cupcakes

    It’s a bar turned frozen dessert turned cupcake! With versatility like that, this dessert acrobat is really going places. Like into your belly. Share these with friends or keep them all to yourself (we wouldn’t blame you.) Get the recipe here >>

  8. Monkey’s On The Rum Vegan Shake

    This shake is the closest you can get to a tropical vacation without a plane ticket. This treat packs a punch, though, so it’s a grown-ups-only flavor vacation. Get the recipe here >>

  9. Coffee Caramel Fudge Pour-Over

    Non-Dairy Coffee Caramel Fudge plus cold-brewed coffee: it’s a match made in heaven for the chocolate and coffee lover. And yes, you have our permission to have it in the morning with your cereal. Get the recipe here >>

  10. Vegan Brownie Sundae

    Brownies make everything better, right? Right. So next time you’re making a vegan sundae from your favorite Non-Dairy flavor, here’s how we recommend getting the most out of your sundae experience. Get the recipe here >>

  11. Vegan PB & Cookies Shake

    Peanut butter and cookies are born soul mates. Good on their own, even better together. Turn this irresistible flavor combo into a shake for an explosion of peanut butter and chocolate euphoria. Get the recipe here >>