New Cookie Dough Chunks Are The Sweet Treat You’ve Been Craving

April 3, 2019

Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough Chunks, 3 flavors

Hold on to your lids, ice cream lovers, this is big. And we mean BIG. We’ve just launched something new, and it’s not ice cream.

In fact, it’s everything but the ice cream.

Introducing new Cookie Dough Chunks! No more digging those euphoric chunks out of the pint, no more longing for just one more doughy bite. Now when you’re in the mood for dough, nothing will stand in your way. And there’s a flavor for everyone: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Chunks, Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Chunks, and Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Chunks. They’re the same euphoric cookie dough chunks found in your favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavors, freed from their pints and ready to party.

(Pro tip: You can even sprinkle them over your favorite ice cream flavors to make them even dough-licious-er.)


But Wait, It Gets Better

How could it possibly get better? Well if you know us, you know that the one thing we love more than euphoric desserts are euphoric desserts that do a little bit of good in the world (or a lotta bit of good).

And Cookie Dough Chunks do just that: They’re made by our friends at Rhino Foods, where they’ve been hiring and supporting Vermont’s refugee population since the early 1990s. When we launched Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough in pints way back in 1991, we asked them to make all those delightful cookie dough chunks. That was a lot of dough to ask for, so Rhino looked to Vermont’s population of New Americans, many of them refugees from Bosnia, to join their team.

They doubled their workforce, provided jobs and security to dozens of resettled refugees, and have been churning out the best cookie dough around ever since. Today, they work with local organizations to place refugees (now from Nepal, Bhutan, Somalia, Congo, and beyond) in positions making cookie dough for Ben & Jerry’s flavors, and provide English language classes, time off to celebrate holidays, and a prayer space to support their diverse workforce. Over one third of their workforce is made up of New Americans.

And with the launch of Cookie Dough Chunks, they’re busier than ever at Rhino Foods. They’ve added 20 new employees to keep up with dough-mand, many of them New Americans. We’re proud to be partnered with a company that not only makes the best cookie dough we’ve ever had, but supports their local community and values a diverse workforce.


Get Dough-ing!

Can’t wait to get your hands on your own bag (or two or three) of Cookie Dough Chunks? They’ll be available soon! Sign up here and we’ll notify you when they’re available in a freezer near you!