We’re Bouncing With Big Freedia and Scooping Up A Sweet New Sundae

July 6, 2019

Big Freedia with Flavor Guru Natalia making an ice cream flavor

If you’re familiar with the gotta-get-up-and-dance rhythms of New Orleans bounce music, then you know about the enigmatic musical energy of Big Freedia, the self-styled Queen of Bounce.

We’ve recently joined forces with Big Freedia to launch a one-time-only batch of Big Freedia’s Bouncing Beignets, an ice cream creation the Queen of Bounce first created herself and shared via Instagram. We were so flattered that we whipped up our own batch and unveiled the flavor today at Republic, one of Big Freedia’s favorite NOLA hotspots.

“My team and I created our own flavor with a mock Ben & Jerry’s pint and posted it on my Instagram. We tagged Ben & Jerry’s, hoping they would see it. They did and the rest is history,” said Big Freedia of how the partnership came to life.

At the event Saturday at Republic, we scooped up sundaes made with Bouncing Beignets, a vanilla ice cream with a bourbon caramel swirl, served with a fresh beignet. But we have to apologize to all you ice cream and beignet fans: Bouncing Beignets was available exclusively at the partnership launch party.

While fans dug in, they learned more about No Kid Hungry, a non-profit organization whose goal is to feed underserved children in New Orleans; got a first-listen of Big Freedia’s newest song “Chasing Rainbows” featuring Ke$ha, set to be released in August; and learned more about how we’re working with Big Freedia to create change in our communities. Big Freedia also took part in a Q&A with Simone Washington, our Social Equity Manager.

“This is so exciting for me!” Big Freedia said at the event. “Food is my second love (after music), and to create an ice cream flavor of my own was so much fun.” She added that Ben & Jerry’s was one of the first major brands that she remembers to promote social activism and inclusion.

“The partnership is a very exciting fit,” said Washington, a Louisiana native. “Big Freedia really focuses on inclusion and bringing people together. Plus, she has a long history of giving back to her New Orleans community. Big Freedia shares a lot of the same values as we do — working with her was a no-brainer.”

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