10 Ben & Jerry’s Myths, Debunked
(Or Confirmed)

November 13, 2019

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Ah, the joys of being a company with a long and winding history. One thing we love almost as much as we love fudge chunks is the crazy myths that surround our history and flavors. We tracked down the wildest myths about Ben & Jerry’s we could find, and debunked (or confirmed) them once and for all.


  • 1. Ben And Jerry Are A Couple

    Our long history of support for LGBTQ rights emanates from our co-founders, but they themselves are not, in fact, gay or a couple. Just a couple of cool dudes who love ice cream and using business to make the world a little bit better.

  • 2. No One Has Ever Finished A Vermonster Sundae

    The more friends you bring, the easier it gets! We can confirm that many a Vermonster sundae has been finished in Scoop Shops the world over. But with 20 scoops of ice cream plus bananas, hot fudge, chocolate chip cookies, fudge brownies, all your favorite toppings, and whipped cream, it’s a challenge. (And one that we strongly advise against doing alone.)

  • 3. We Stopped Making White Russian Because It Used Too Much Kahlua

    This story might be the most unbelievable of the bunch, but it’s 100% true. White Russian was a flavor we had from 1986 to 1996, and it had coffee ice cream with Kahlua Coffee Liqueur. And as you know, we’re not ones to skimp on the swirls, so it had plenty of Kahlua in the recipe. So much so that we actually made the price of Kahlua on liqueur store shelves rise because we were buying so much of it. We felt bad for our coffee liqueur loving friends, so we sent the flavor to the Flavor Graveyard.

  • 4. Ben And Jerry Are Brothers

    This one doesn’t pass the sniff test. Ben and Jerry actually met in middle school gym class — they were the slowest runners in class. So unless they’re long-lost brothers unbeknownst to either of them, this one’s debunked.

  • 5. Ben & Jerry’s Is Making CBD Ice Cream

    We are open to making a CBD-infused ice cream, with one catch: It has to be legalized at the federal level. Currently, the FDA prohibits adding CBD to food and beverages, so you won’t find it in your local grocery store anytime soon. But maybe someday!

  • 6. There Are Actual Ghosts In The Flavor Graveyard

    Flavor ghosts, that is. Spend a little time around the gravestone for Wavy Gravy or Urban Jumble and you’ll feel a definite presence. Is that the scent of roasted almonds? The sound of a spoon clanking against a bowl? True ice cream lovers are never alone in the Flavor Graveyard.

  • 7. You Can Bake The Cookie Dough In Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

    You can totally bake the chocolate chip cookie dough in Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough! It makes for some very small cookies and very boring ice cream (actually, we take that back, our Vanilla is awesome), but it’s totally doable. (See?)

  • 8. Half Baked Ice Cream Is Named After The Movie

    Nope! Half Baked got its name from its chunks: It has chocolate chip cookie dough chunks (unbaked) and brownie chunks (baked). So it’s literally half baked!

  • 9. Somebody Once Got Lost On The Factory Tour And Was Never Found

    Nah. We make sure that the only thing that gets left behind on our factory tours in Waterbury, VT is your hunger for sweet, euphoric ice cream. And sometimes an umbrella or two.

  • 10. Employees Get To Take Home 3 Pints Of Ben & Jerry’s Every Day

    It’s true, and it’s amazing. We’re very popular at dinner parties and barbecues.