5 Great Loves Sparked By Ice Cream

You probably already know this, but we’re pretty lucky around here. We get to spend our days eating, looking at, and thinking about ice cream. We like to think we do a little bit of good in the world by fighting for equality. And — best of all — we have the absolute best fans ever. (We see you, thanks for all the love!)

We’re especially lucky that this wild fudge-covered ride from our first Scoop Shop in an abandoned gas station in Burlington, VT to today has made us a few friends along the way. Namely, these five unparalleled entertainers

  1. Jerry Garcia

    It’s been a long, strange trip since Cherry Garcia debuted in 1987. When we received a postcard from an anonymous fan suggesting a cherry ice cream flavor called Cherry Garcia in 1986, we were instantly interested. As a bunch of hippies from Vermont, we couldn’t believe we hadn’t thought about doing an homage to Jerry Garcia ourselves. So we got right to work! And the first eight pints we churned up went right to Jerry himself. His review? A resounding thumbs up.

  2. Phish

    We’ve whiled away many an evening watching our friends from Phish jam out on stage. Their shows are like no other — each one is a unique and transformative experience. So when we got the chance to make an ice cream flavor to celebrate their wild, euphoric music in 1997, we jumped at it. The result was Phish Food, a melody of chocolate ice cream, marshmallow and caramel swirls, and those iconic fudge fish. (Superfans will know that we later made two other limited edition flavors in partnership with Phish: Freezer Reprise and It’s Ice . . . Cream.)

  3. Stephen Colbert

    We love to laugh and we love Stephen’s particular brand of political humor. And ever since Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream debuted in 2007, we’ve loved him even more. Is it because of those fudge-covered waffle cone pieces? Yes, obviously. But also because he donates 100% of his proceeds from sales of the flavor to charities chosen by his staff through the Americone Dream Fund. Each year, he reads the entire recipient list to his staff, top to bottom, on what he calls his “favorite night of the year.” As if you needed another reason to love Stephen Colbert.

  4. Jimmy Fallon

    Whether he’s interviewing this week’s hot personality or reading hilarious tweets from his fans, Jimmy Fallon keeps us guessing and laughing every night. Our love for Jimmy started back in 2011 with the release of Late Night Snack, and continues today with the fan-favorite The Tonight Dough With Jimmy Fallon which has been around since 2015. And the best part is that all of Jimmy’s proceeds from sales of The Tonight Dough (pints, Pint Slices, and Scoop Shop scoops) go to SeriousFun, an organization that Jimmy chose that provides summer camp experiences for kids with life-threatening illnesses. Now that’s sweet!

  5. Netflix

    We all know how it goes: You sit down to watch the newest season of your favorite Netflix show, and before the opening credits have even finished you’re digging through the freezer for a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. Netflix and Ben & Jerry’s have always been soul mates, and now we’ve made it official! Netflix & Chilll’d and Netflix & Chilll’d Non-Dairy are monuments to all those laugh-out-loud moments, that can’t-stop-watching suspense, and every who’dathunk revelation. We raise our spoons to you, Netflix.