Local Media Matters - Now More Than Ever

April 24, 2020

Hand holding a newspaper that says Support Local Journalism

There’s is no substitute for good local journalism.

Like national reporting, it shines a light on what’s hidden in the shadows. It holds those in power accountable. And it’s essential to a healthy democracy.

But local journalism goes beyond that, keeping us connected as a community and contributing to a vibrant local economy.  

Vermonters have turned to our local newspapers to keep us informed in good times and bad. Whether covering Hurricane Irene or the ins and outs of politics in Montpelier, local newspapers make us smarter and more engaged citizens.

Today, our small state is feeling the very big impacts of a global pandemic. Now more than ever, information on what’s going on in our towns and cities is not a luxury, it’s an invaluable public service.

As our need for local news has increased, advertising revenue — the lifeblood of our state’s local newspapers — has declined dramatically. That’s why Ben & Jerry’s has committed to purchasing a series of weekly full-page ads in this and other newspapers around Vermont over the next two months.

We encourage you to join us in supporting local journalism. Keep buying this newspaper, consider gifting a subscription to a neighbor, and support their advertisers.

From all of us at Ben & Jerrys, to those working for the newspapers and in newsrooms all across the state: thank you.